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Whether you are looking to improve performance, transform your health or reduce recovery time our athlete tested protocols will eliminate the barriers to achieving your potential.

Higher Health And Peak Performance

Achieving peak performance as an athlete should not come at the expense of your health.  It should enhance it. That is the OFM difference. Our proven protocols build metabolic capacity at the cellular/mitochondrial level, the core of your health & performance potential.

The OFM protocols allow you to take back your native physiology. By building metabolic capacity you gain the metabolic flexibility to harness carbohydrates/glucose/glycogen for performance without dependence upon them. By tapping into the limitless energy of body fat for aerobic energy you maintain stable, consistent energy, prevent the energy swings ('bonking' / 'hitting the wall') and GI issues from trying to replace calories via fueling.

Stable energy flow achieves 'Blood Sugar Stability' to retain focus, fine motor skills and coordination. No more brain fog, emotional ups & downs or struggling to accomplish the simplest of tasks.

A recovery you have to experience to believe! . . . OFM changes the paradigm by preventing the cellular/mitochondrial damage created by the massive amounts of oxidative stress, lactate load and inflammation from a carbohydrate centric approach. With OFM you 'recover' faster because you have prevented the cellular damage you need to recover from!

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Why work with us

Jeff browning Hardrock Endurance Race 2022 - Vespa Power User
Athlete Developed, Tested & proven

Since the introduction of Vespa in 2000 we have developed performance level fat metabolism by collaborating with athletes just like you to reach new heights of health and performance.

Our testing grounds are the real world of training and competition at the outer edges of human performance with athletes of all ages and abilities. Our ground breaking data corroborates the winning and record breaking results our athletes consistently enjoy.

Through this collaboration we have developed a systematic yet individualized approach so you can overcome challenges and reach your health and performance potential.


When you minimize or eliminate the inflammation, oxidative stress and lactate load of burning a lot of glucose, i.e. sugar, you PREVENT THE DAMAGE which occurs on a cellular level.

When you don't do the damage, your cells can place a much greater focus on adapting to the stress of training and competition to get stronger, fitter, faster.

We can help you experience rapid recovery like all of our athletes.

LONGEVITY / Anti-aging / reverse-aging

Chronologic age is a number. Metabolic age is what counts.

Most athletes think it is normal to see sharp performance declines with age. The TRUTH is, when you build metabolic capacity, you don't have to slow down or stop.  

Many of our athletes are originally came to us as a last resort thinking their competitive years were behind them. Working together they experienced a complete reversal. Some continue to compete into their 60's & 70's while others are still on the podium and even winning in their 40's & 50's.

By minimizing the damage of inflammation, oxidative stress and lactate load you not only recover faster but slow the aging process to a crawl.

The Team Helping You Reach Your Peak Health and Performance

Our Medical Advisory Team

Our advisory committee is composed of clinicians and researchers who not only 'get it' about our work at OFM but are also living it in their daily lives and athletic pursuits. Their collaboration helps keep OFM, "Leading the Science."

Our Coaching Team

Our core coaching staff is committed to you, the individual, to reach your metabolic health potential. We support individuals, coaches, teams and organizations to reclaim their metabolic health and performance.

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