Peter Mortimer's story is a compelling narrative of transformation and perseverance, especially in the context of his career and running endeavors. Working in the medical industry as a medical device service representative, Mortimer does not have a fixed schedule and is often at the mercy of doctors' timings. Despite this, he finds opportunities to run during his travels.

Mortimer's entry into running is far from conventional. He did not have a background in collegiate running, nor was he inherently "built" for the sport. In fact, he describes himself as having been fat and overweight before he decided to change his life. This transformation is a common thread among many runners, and Mortimer's journey started simply by putting on a pair of running shoes and figuring out running on his own.

His racing calendar is ambitious and varied, indicating a strong commitment to the sport. He talks about participating in the Rocky Raccoon 100, which is his flattest 100-mile race to date, and looks forward to setting a personal record. His schedule includes a range of challenging races like a potential race in Tennessee, the Barclay, the Born to Run 4-day event, the Leavenworth 100, the California Untamed 330-mile race, the Angels Crest, and the Baldy Marathons in October. This packed schedule is a testament to his dedication and endurance.

A significant aspect of Mortimer's running journey is his adoption of the Vespa and OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) system. This system has greatly aided him in managing stomach distress during and after races. Remarkably, it's not just about race performance for Mortimer; the OFM system has also facilitated a quicker recovery time, allowing him to participate in an ultra-marathon almost every month, including a stretch of five ultras in six weeks. He notes a reduced lactate buildup and an emphasis on running within specific heart rate zones. This dietary approach, initially adopted for running, has now become an integral part of his overall healthy lifestyle.

In summary, Peter Mortimer's journey is a remarkable example of how a non-traditional entrant into the world of running can achieve extraordinary feats through determination, a willingness to adapt, and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle that extends beyond just the sport itself. His story is inspiring, particularly for those who might not see themselves as natural athletes but who are considering a similar path of transformation.

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