Is Your Anecdotal Experience Trumped by “Science”

I’d like to bust a myth that prevents you from achieving your potential: that anecdotal experience is trumped by ‘science’. Anecdotal is not the pejorative the experts and their followers make it out to be. Anecdotal is YOUR experience and if you experienced it, it is real. What that experience means is where the learning […]

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The 3 Keys to Your Superior Metabolic Health

Join us this week for “Metabolic Health Week” where Peter will be hosting 2 lives talking all things Metabolic.  To get the calls make sure you are on our email list and also you are in the Facebook Group click here to join. Over 20 years ago, immediately after bonking at my first marathon back […]

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The Priceless Freedom Money Can’t Buy

Why do we as a society obsess about obtaining financial freedom, yet in chasing this obsession with money and financial security, we too often trade our health and vitality? It’s an important musing each of us needs to consider because having all the money in the world means nothing compared to having all the health […]

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The New Normal – Metabolic Health

As athletes, I don’t need to convince you ‘Normal’ is pretty pathetic when it comes to health, performance and longevity. You don’t want to be ‘Normal’. You want to be better than ‘Normal’. This is part of today’s exercise in overcoming our subconscious mental hurdles. If you are a fat adapted athlete, I want you to […]

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COVID-19 Update: Vaccines to the Rescue…

With COVID’s winter surge, the vaccine cavalries of Moderna, Pfizer, Astra/Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson, etc. are riding to the rescue! And yes, this messenger RNA (mRNA) technology used in the Pizer and Moderna vaccines looks promising and efficacious based on the preliminary results of human trials, however, what is actually happening lies in the ‘Murky […]

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Metabolic Freedom Begins on a Cellular Level

The goal of today’s vlog is to help you make that mental connection on how YOUR health and performance begin at the cellular level. Without making this fundamental realization, you won’t have the motivation and incentive to make change happen. This is crucial to understanding how optimizing fat metabolism works to achieve optimal metabolic fitness […]

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A New Chronic Disease: Sedentarianism

Sedentarianism is a term I concocted for a person following a sedentary lifestyle. Now I don’t have to convince you that a sedentary lifestyle is not particularly healthy but, because it is so pervasive in developed countries, there is an acceptance of being sedentary as ‘normal’ and people can be healthy simply through ‘Diet’ and […]

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Finding Your Nutritional Balance – the OFM Way

The very first thing to know is this: Supplements are not meant to replace food. Meal replacements and shakes are not meant to replace food. The dietary goal of OFM is to get as much of your nutrition as possible from the meals you consume.Since most of you watching this are probably eating a whole […]

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Institutionalized Disease and Your Metabolic Health

This latest concept of ‘Institutionalized Disease’ that I want to share with you was brought to the fore by COVID, however this concept is much larger than COVID, and it is VERY important we start to think beyond the institutional thinking we have come to accept as ‘normal’ .   What we view as normal […]

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Myth Busting Superfoods – finding the balance

One of the Health and Nutrition Myths I’d like to bust is what I call the ‘Health Halo’ around Superfoods. . . I have to admit this is a pet peeve of mine because everytime I hear about a new superfood, miracle supplement, some new technology, or a program guaranteed to get results my radar […]

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