What is your Risk Profile? 3 Blood Markers You Need to Know

“May you live in interesting times…” With the summer receding, we find ourselves at a seminal crossroads because things are not working out as planned nor expected. Instead, we find ourselves in a blame game as the science continues to evolve, showing a much more complicated, nuanced and dynamic scenario than the simple solution policy makers […]

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Know this One Key Metabolic Fact and Arm Your Immune System

Today’s vlog is a physiology/metabolism lesson; just a simple, non-debated fact of RNA biology which is critical to know to empower YOU to move forward through this current mess. But first, let’s frame the discussion with some context:Lack of Information Leads to Doubt and FearThroughout this messy and evolving situation we have found ourselves in, […]

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Masterclass: Discovering Metabolic Health with Dr Cathy

Dr. Cathy, lives at the pointy end of acute medical care as an ICU Physician, ICU Director and also a Trauma Surgeon. Growing up and currently working in New Jersey she has devoted her life to the health & welfare of others. She literally saves lives on a daily basis because medical interventions in acute […]

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Mission Impossible: Take back your Metabolic Health

FAIR WARNING: Today’s vlog is convoluted, BUT stick with me, because this really is about you and your overall well being…Like you, I cannot escape the daily bombardment of urgent news, messaging, narratives, and advertising, as well as those surreptitious ads that seem to magically invade my computer after I have glanced at a page. If […]

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Are you “Blood Sugar Stable or on a Blood Sugar Rollercoaster”?

Blood Sugar Stable, like ‘Strategic Carbohydrates,’ is a term I coined years ago and is absolutely critical for sustained performance across a wide spectrum of performance metrics, not just endurance. Why? Ironically, the more optimized your fat metabolism, the greater your stability in blood sugar. On the other hand, if your body is programmed to burn […]

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Don’t Screw Around With Your Fueling

Today, I really want to drive home a key concept to those of you who are new to Vespa.  I’m going to use the analogy that’s based on some other experiences in my life that are outside the framework of Vespa. So today we’re going to talk about Screwing. Now, I got your attention right.!Quality […]

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