Champions are made in the off season

This quote, credited to Football Coach Steve Szabo, could not be more apropos with this weekend’s Superbowl on the horizon. While their journeys could not have been more different, the 49ers and Chiefs didn’t make it to the Superbowl by accident. . . and neither should your journey this season be any different.(Please share this […]

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[Article] The best times to use Intermittent Fasting

The best times to use Intermittent Fasting

What the heck does the Superbowl have to do with Fasting have to do with Endurance Sports?  Well I shot this before Christmas and didn’t get it to you, however, with the winter weight gain and the upcoming Superbowl  now makes this the perfect time! Heck, some people think the Superbowl is way better than […]

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How to Supplement Your Sports Nutrition the OFM way

One way we make OFM “A Program for the Rest of Us” is through our sports nutrition and supplement philosophy.  Supplementation is not a replacement for your diet but it is used to bring Nutritional Balance to it.  Currently there is a LOT of talk about ‘Nutrient Density’ and this is important as is ‘Nutrient […]

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[VLOG] Don’t try this at Home – my 100k run

Don’t try this at Home – my 100k run

The theme of today’s blog post is “Don’t try this at Home” because, in all sincerity, you don’t want to be doing this. Ever. Leave that to me and my team. This is how innovation works. In a world of online Authorities or Gurus real innovation actually happens by being open to spontaneous events/occurrences, willing […]

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How to enjoy Festive Events and stay Fat Adapted

In a recent article I talked about how you can use Intermittent Fasting over the holiday season.  The key points today add to the fasting tips and help you have a strategy so you let go and enjoy your festivities. It is also an opportunity to enhance your fat burning by extending the fasting windows […]

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[Article] Ring in the New Year without the hangover!

Ring in the New Year without the hangover!

“It’s like it NEVER happened. . .” – Bryant Lind, Vespa user on the novel use of Vespa to prevent a hangover.  This is a direct quote from Bryant on using Vespa after an evening of alcoholic libations. Normally Bryant would wake up dehydrated and with a hangover but not anymore!With New Year’s approaching and […]

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Emerging data on Vespa – let the numbers speak

On Friday, October 25, 2019, this poster was exhibited at the ACSM SW Regional Conference in Huntington Beach, California, the first publicly published data on Vespa. Not only did Vespa significantly increase fat oxidation but also increased VO2Max and Ventilatory Threshhold! While this data set is actually from a  Pilot Study by Dr. Derek Marks […]

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The Focal Point of Fat Adaptation

Due to all the well-intended ‘information’ out there on that information autobahn that is the internet our thinking has become obsessively focused on external calories and we completely  miss one of the most important points about fat adaptation.   Fat Adaptation, done properly, taps into the tens of thousands of onboard calories YOU have onboard […]

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