My Western States Golden Hour Race Fueling Strategy

For the past three or four years I’ve gone out to pace runners who are sitting on the bubble to make the 30 Hour Cutoff at the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run (WS). This is called the “Golden Hour” of the race and, if you haven’t seen these finishes, they truly are the most […]

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Blog - My 7 Top Recovery Tips

My 7 Top Recovery Tips

Recovery is a HUGE topic these days in athletic performance but this has been a hallmark of both VESPA and the OFM Program for over 2 decades. Just ask any athlete applying the OFM protocols or simply just using Vespa! Why do the athletes we work with continually perform and often get better over time rather […]

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Blog - Is Glucose Monitoring Really The Key To Your Health?

Is Glucose Monitoring Really The Key To Your Health?

Diabetes and obesity are at epidemic levels. There is no shortage of talk about blood sugar, glucose and the need to regulate them.  Society has finally started to recognize too much sugar and too many carbs are not a good thing. In fact, it is now recognized that our high glucose diets are responsible for […]

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Expanding Your Physical Limits With Vespa

If you saw the vlog featuring Nick Coury a few weeks ago you got to hear his journey to adopting OFM beginning with Vespa. Like most people Nick was extremely skeptical of both Vespa and the “fat as fuel” approach.  However, after that fateful race when his conventional nutrition plan went sideways, not only did […]

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The Key To Your Best Performance is Learning To Burn Fat

The publication of the FASTER Study was a watershed moment in both sports physiology and metabolic health. The data from FASTER clearly showed humans are capable of burning a lot more fat and at much higher intensity levels than the science previous to FASTER suggested.Why is this important?FASTER forced researchers to reconsider the long held notion […]

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Vespa – Mental Clarity via Blood Sugar Stability

Mental Clarity and what I like to call “Blood Sugar Stability” is a vital component for overall performance. This blog was inspired by a message I received a few days ago from an ER Nurse who has low BS challenges and wearing a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor): “I did the big ruck-heavy lift day-then a […]

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The Vespa Effect – “…recovery is off the charts”

This article is following on from the previous blog on trusting your own experience. “Science begins with observation” and YOUR observation and experience, because, no matter what the ‘experts’ and published studies say, you are an individual scientist for your own N=1 journey to higher health & peak performance. The so-called “Science” should corroborate YOUR […]

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Health and Performance – Who YOU Really Need to Trust

We live in an interdependent world. In many ways this is a great thing, as it has enhanced our lives in so many ways. The very ability for someone like me, someone with limited resources and a radically different approach to health and performance, to reach a Global Audience is a perfect example. Balancing with convenience […]

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