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OFM Supports Your Clients to Optimize their Metabolic Health without sacrificing their performance

It is becoming quite evident the conventional approach to sports nutrition has unintended consequences; the amount of carbohydrates which your body essentially 'sees' as sugar, the processed and/or fragile oils, the convenient and highly processed protein powders/shakes and the plethora of supplements. All of these 'backed by Science'. While shot-gunning carbs or protein shakes may give you an immediate and generally short term response (dictating more of the same) the longer term consequences of shortcutting our native metabolism can be devastating.

You principal focus as a Coach is to help your client succeed in the area of sport or life they have hired you for. Our focus is the the unseen metabolic foundation so your clients can achieve "Higher Health & Peak Performance".  Our online portal,  programs and individualized support with our staff of Coaches will coach your client(s) or team "metabolically" so You can focus on their progress in your area of expertise.

In a world seeking incremental performance gains, building metabolic capacity through OFM provides a foundational leap forward.

Why work with us


In today's athletic environment, lack of stamina, energy swings, bonking and GI issues are so common they are accepted as normal.  This is largely the result of a profound metabolic shift created from the immediate/short-term gains mentality.

Ironically, this often leads the need for ever increasing dosing of the very energy source or performance boosting element that is creating the problem in the first place. 

OFM's pioneering experience at the metabolic level and athlete success at the coal-face of competition has been codified into programs, protocols and content you and your athletes can use to transform their metabolic health foundation. 


When you minimize or eliminate the oxidative stress, glycation and lactate load of burning a lot of glucose, i.e. sugar, you PREVENT THE DAMAGE which occurs on a cellular/mitochondrial level.

When you don't do the damage, your cells can place a much greater focus on adapting to the stress of training and competition to become stronger, fitter and more resilient.

More importantly your athletes will not only recover faster but will be able to handle a higher training load like  our OFM athletes.

Jeff browning Hardrock Endurance Race 2022 - Vespa Power User

Most athletes think it is normal to start declining with age.  Many of our elite athletes came to us thinking they would have to give up competition.  The TRUTH is, when you get metabolically fit, the decline of aging is minimal.  In most cases building metabolic capacity yields gains as one ages.

Many of our athletes are competing and challenging themselves well into their 70's, while others are still on the podium and even winning races in their 50's.

The implications for athlete longevity in sport and life created through robust metabolic health simply make OFM an imperative for the coach, athlete and/or team. 

The Team Helping You Coach Your People To Peak Metabolic Health and Performance

Our Medical Advisory Team

Our advisory committee is composed of clinicians and researchers who not only 'get it' about our work at OFM but are also living it in their daily lives and athletic pursuits.

Our Coaching Team

Our core Coaching staff are people committed to the OFM approach to performance, fitness and a new paradigm of health. 

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