Sarah Watson's journey is a tale of evolution and resilience in the world of sports and fitness. Starting as a multi-sport athlete in her youth, Sarah engaged in soccer, cross-country, volleyball, and swim training. Despite her athletic prowess, she chose a different path by pursuing art in college. However, her affinity for sports led her to personal training as a means to support herself through college, which eventually became her passion and career.

Sarah's fitness journey took a significant turn when she discovered Tough Mudder. She initially participated in these events to motivate her clients, but soon found herself drawn into competitive racing in 2012. Her early nutrition strategy was typical of many athletes, focusing on a carb-dominant diet and frequent meals. Her success in this field led to her being picked up by a professional team, Battle Frog, in 2015, specializing in obstacle course competition.

However, the intense physical demands and nutrition strategies led to health issues, including adrenal destruction and gastrointestinal problems, which were exacerbated by race nutrition supplements. This health crisis was a turning point in Sarah’s career, leading her to explore alternative nutritional approaches.

In search of a solution, Sarah transitioned to a ketogenic diet, which allowed her to start races without eating beforehand, alleviating her GI issues. Despite this, she faced other health challenges, such as adrenal dysfunction, arrhythmia, and hormonal imbalances, which she initially misinterpreted as a need for more intense training.

Eventually, Sarah sought the help of Peter Defty from OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism), who provided her with personalized guidance and a holistic approach to training and nutrition. This partnership, along with the use of Vespa, a supplement designed to enhance fat metabolism, marked a significant turnaround in her health and athletic performance. Sarah learned the importance of micronutrients and adopted a more balanced approach to her diet, incorporating elements like desiccated liver, magnesium, and organ meats.

Under Peter’s guidance, Sarah made a successful transition to ultra-endurance running, applying her obstacle race training to longer, uninterrupted runs. Her focus on heart rate-based training and a strategic approach to nutrition, including Vespa and honey stingers, led to remarkable achievements, such as winning a 50k race, which was intended as a training run.

Sarah's story is a testament to the importance of personalized training and nutrition, highlighting the unique needs of each athlete. Her experience underscores the need for a careful balance between physical training and health, advocating for a self-experimentation approach to find what works best for the individual. Her journey from an art major to a top athlete, facing and overcoming health challenges, illustrates the power of resilience, adaptability, and the right guidance in achieving athletic excellence.

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