Fat Adaptation – your competitive advantage in extreme temperatures

Shooting this video from Death Valley just before this year’s Badwater 135, and it motivated me to talk about how “going to the extremes” has helped us unlock the key to metabolic health and reverse aging.

The last 2 Badwaters have been won by Vespa Fat Adapted athletes, 2018 in the hottest year ever and 2019 in the coldest year ever.

Whether you are competing in extreme heat or cold optimizing your fat metabolism is a competitive advantage. 

In the extreme heat, you cannot take in any calories because it is too hot.  While you can  hydrate, your GI tract goes into “sleep mode” because your body is prioritizing thermo-regulation over digestion due to the heat your muscles are making.

On the other hand, in the extreme cool, you need to burn a lot of fat to maintain your core body temperature.

One of the best examples is Michele Graglia who won Badwater 2018 and has done many other marathons in extreme conditions.  His book on his Ultra experiences is newly out, you can get it here…

But he is not the only one. We have many fat adapted athletes who have done amazing things in extreme conditions.

You might think, what does this have to do with me?

We learn at the extremes and bring it back for you

Our mission is for you to get your physiology back to the way nature intended so you can reach your peak metabolic health, regardless of your Age, Sport or training modality.

When you optimize your fat metabolism, you will experience improvements in your health and notice you feel and look younger - we have had many clients who have reversed chronic disease and turned back the clock on aging.  

If you are an athlete you will notice your performance improve dramatically without the common Bonking, GI and recovery side effects.

So our challenge to you is this: Become the BEST version of yourself by gaining the Metabolic Freedom you deserve. 

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