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Compete and perform on a new level, train more effectively, perform consistently better in Sport & Life.  With over 20 years of guiding athletes to their winning potential in the real world of competition, our protocols  build metabolic capacity and robustness at the cellular and mitochondrial levels while eliminating bonking, GI distress, slow recovery and eventual decline all too common in sports.


Enjoy & Live LIFE by empowering yourself to take control of your health by restoring your native physiology.  Have the fitness, health and metabolic capacity to live the active and engaged lifestyle you desire. Whether you love to compete, be an active  grandparent or start a new career OFM gives you the freedom and energy to LIVE through a comprehensive and integrated approach!


Reject the convention that aging, chronic disease, are inevitable. OFM empowers you to restore your native physiology then build your metabolic capacity to restore health and vitality, prevent or put into remission chronic disease while slowing the aging process to a crawl. Our athlete demonstrate you can perform at levels decades below your chronological age.

Child/Youth Health

Give your child the gift of metabolic health by implementing and teaching them the keys to proper nutrition, lifestyle and activity that will set them up to to thrive in every aspect of Life!  The reality is most children consume way too much sugar and this sets them up for a host of challenges including chronic disease. 

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About Us

We are Guides and not Gurus . . .

Metabolic Performance is Metabolic Health. The two go hand in hand and we've pioneered it. At OFM our focus is restoring your native physiology and metabolism then build your metabolic capacity to its potential so you can enjoy robust health and performance in every aspect of Life. 

We have developed and tested our comprehensive protocols at the extreme end of the athletic spectrum and continually test and innovate in collaboration with our athletes in order to bring the OFM Protocols to you in an adoptable and understandable format that is sustainable.

Our team of athletes, coaches and medical advisors are continually collaborating and innovating so OFM continually evolves in order to bring you the very best in metabolic health and performance to empower you to achieve your potential. 

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Performance Fueling Begins From Within

VESPA Supports & Enhances Performance Fat Metabolism

(for the WIN!)

Without changing a thing, VESPA is a great first step. VESPA is a natural metabolic catalyst which works with  your native physiology rather than bypassing it so you can experience the health & performance benefits of tapping into your primary aerobic energy source of onboard body fat.

Vespa will not only reduce the need for exogenous calories, it will reduce oxidative stress, lactate load, bonking, GI issues and accelerate recovery by preventing the cellular/mitochondrial damage you need to recover from.

By tapping into this robust energy source take the stress out of fueling your training and big races.


What is OFM? 

OFM Transforms your body back to its natural metabolic state: The one where it metabolizes your onboard fat for most of its aerobic energy needs . . . and a LOT more!

Here is an article that explains OFM more - What is OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism)

What is Metabolic Capacity? 

For optimal fat oxidation to occur it is critical to build Metabolic Capacity at the cellular and mitochondrial level.

  • This means optimizing the health and integrity of cell wall lipid (fatty acids) bilayer for optimal transit of nutrients and oxygen in and heat, CO2 and waste products out.  
  • Increasing the size, density and health of the mitochondria to maximize beta-oxidation.

What is the science behind OFM?

OFM bases its premise on the science of:

1. Evolutionary Biology
2. Established Metabolic & Physiological science
3. Application of these in the real world of training, competition and daily life; i.e. reality.
4. Developing data to corroborate the real world performances our athletes experience.

How do I use carbohydrates for performance? 

OFM makes full use of concentrated forms of carbohydrates for performance when called for, however, because of the fundamental shift to fat as fuel, the amount of carbohydrates is significantly less and delivers a more powerful and sustainable performance push.

In fact, the ‘Strategic’ use of carbohydrates are a key component of OFM because they are highly adaptive for:

  1. Increasing fat oxidation capacity at higher intensities of physical effort.
  2. Maintaining the ability to access glucose for explosive and sustained performance pushes necessary for competition and high level training on top of a fat burning base.
  3. By increasing Metabolic Capacity, a significant amount of ‘strategic carbohydrates’ can be used in competition without restriction for performance gains without the long term impacts.

Do you use fasting with OFM?

Intermittent fasting simply happens. When OFM adapted fasting becomes a seamless and integral part of your daily life.

OFM teaches fasting differently than metric driven programs with their fasting and feeding windows. By addressing the underlying metabolic and physiological pathways instead of numbers OFM fasting protocols teach you how to achieve the goals of fasting with ease.

What are the benefits of OFM?

OFM works with your body’s natural physiology which will give you these benefits:

  • No bonking
  • Elimination of intestinal issue in most athletes
  • Improved Physical Performance
  • Improved health
  • Faster recovery (OFM prevents cellular damage)
  • Improved body composition; i.e. ratio of lean body mass
  • OFM attenuates hunger triggers
  • Improved Mental focus/Motor skills/Coordination & Emotional Stability
    Feasibility & Metabolic Flexibility: It’s a LOT easier than most people think!
  • Greater Caloric Efficiency
  • Carbohydrates have a much stronger, more sustainable effect using less

What are the advantages of building Metabolic Capacity? 

  • Significant increases in fat oxidation capacity. This fundamentally shifts the modern energetics paradigm back to the one Nature has bestowed upon us. Humans are meant to burn fat. 
  • Sustainable high level output at competition levels while minimizing external caloric intake. 
  • The ability to access and harness glucose, glycogen, external carbohydrates and exogenous ketone esters to maximize performance. 
  • Having spare ‘mitochondrial matches to burn’ when training or competing at a high level.
  • Increased dietary and fueling tolerance and latitude to carbohydrate ingestion which makes the dietary aspects of OFM simple, easy and sustainable to adhere to. 

Is OFM restrictive in carbohydrates?

No. OFM actually allows unlimited consumption of non-starchy vegetables while ‘strategically’ using concentrated forms of carbohydrates to provide the performance push needed to perform during higher intensity training and competition.

As you build Metabolic Capacity your physiologic dependence on carbohydrates will be significantly lower. This makes managing their consumption considerably easier, while, at the same time, you will gain a level of carbohydrate tolerance so you can consume them as needed or when a situation dictates without becoming metabolically reliant upon them.

What kinds of carbohydrates does OFM recommend for performance fueling?

The kinds of carbohydrates that work for you in the form easiest to consume during and immediately around physical activity:

  • Gels
  • Bars
  • Liquid Forms of carbohydrate based calories
  • Shot blocks
  • Candy, yes, candy!
  • Gummy bears,worms, etc.
    Fruit rolls
  • Real foods ranging from PB&J to mashed potatoes to fruit
  • Amino Acids / BCAA’s (yes, AA’s & BCAA’s when ingested during exercise are primarily metabolized to glucose)