Jeff Heusserer's journey is an inspiring story of transformation and adaptation in the face of challenges. Residing in Vienna, Austria, Jeff, at the age of 52, works in big data and advanced analytics for Delta Company. His sports journey began after school with mountain biking, eventually leading him to join a fitness center in Vienna. This exposure to road cycling ignited a passion in him, leading to several years of triathlon participation.

However, in 2011, Jeff suffered a knee injury, limiting his ability to run and participate in triathlons. This led him to focus solely on road cycling. Despite his active lifestyle, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2014, a turning point that left him shocked and depressed. His search for effective diabetes management led him to explore low-carb and ketogenic diets, alongside discovering Vespa, a nutritional supplement.

Jeff observed significant improvements in his health and performance after integrating Vespa into his regimen. He conducted personal experiments, demonstrating a marked increase in his body's fat usage for energy. His newfound approach also included coaching sessions that enhanced his understanding of keto and fat metabolism, significantly improving his performance.

Jeff's commitment extended to his nutrition, embracing a whole animal diet and incorporating organ meats. These changes not only improved his athletic performance but also his overall health, with fewer illnesses during the winter.

The culmination of Jeff's efforts was evident in his participation in the Stararat marathon. He found himself significantly faster in the climbs compared to his performance two years prior. His strategic use of carbohydrates did not negatively impact his diabetes, and he credits his recent personal bests to his holistic approach to health and nutrition.

Jeff's story is a testament to the power of resilience, the importance of personalized health strategies, and the transformative impact of diet and nutrition on both physical performance and general well-being. At 52, Jeff feels rejuvenated, describing himself as feeling a decade younger due to these lifestyle changes.

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