In this podcast snippet, Jeff Browning and I hone in on topic of recovery and inflammation after his  Moab 240 win and how OFM protocol and VESPA help him recover and get active within a week after the event.

Here are some of the things discussed:

  • He took five full days off after the race, slept 10-12 hours a night, napped, ate whole foods keeping the concentrated carbs and junk food out of his diet. 

  • Jeff was able to start biking and light weightlifting 7 days after the race and started running 9 days after. 

  • 13 days after the race, he paced a 20-mile hike with 5000 ft of climbing, feeling good overall but with some tightness in his hips and mid-back. 

  • He is back to running regularly but not training hard yet. 

  • Since this conversation and the Moab 240 Jeff has won the Coldwater Rumble 100 Mile, Elephant Mountain 50K and ran 100 Miles in 15 Hours, 31 Minutes, 51 seconds at the Desert Solstice 24 hour!

Of course after such an epic event, involving sleep deprivation and running for days, one has burned a few “mitochondrial matches”.  So even though Jeff was tired and in recovery he talks about “feeling normal” after only 1 week.

This is possible because when you are fat adapted, your body taps into your fat stores as fuel, the carb intake is dramatically reduced thus causing less oxidative stress on your system.

So that quick recovery Jeff experiences after his races is really due to the prevention of cellular and mitochondrial damage from burning a lot of glucose, essentially sugar. Not only does OFM prevent cellular damage but, by doing so, your cells and body can focus on supercompensation from the adaptive stress of training and racing instead of recovery from the damage. This is why Jeff Browning can run a major Ultra every 6 weeks on average. . . and with 7 years under his belt of OFM and VESPA he shows no sign of slowing down. 

If you are new to OFM and fat adaptation here are some articles that will help you understand how reaching your peak performance does not have to sacrifice your health. In fact, it will enhance it. Just like Jeff!

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