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Live Life On Your Terms / Reverse Aging And Chronic Disease 

Longevity And Reverse Aging - Unlocking The Keys

You have been lied to when it comes to aging . . .

The 'Big Lie' is all of the endemic health challenges society currently faces are a normal and inevitable part of the aging process. The obesity, the chronic diseases of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other conditions . . . all a Big Fat Lie that is ultimately very lucrative.  

It's the same if you are an athlete struggling with energy crashes, GI issues, slow recovery, chronically being injured or depressed.

And all of these challenges are now so common they are seen as a normal and inevitable aspect of modern life. 

The Truth is most diseases and all the challenges athletes face are avoidable because the underlying root cause is metabolic!

This is where we can help because, for over 20 years, we have pioneered metabolic health and performance at the very outer edges of human performance. You see, you don't innovate by staying safely within the confines of established science, innovation occurs through testing and pushing the boundaries.  

And what is truly ironic is the fact the established science is actually part of the reason for the modern challenges because these modern shortcuts have caused us to stray away from our native physiology. OFM can guide you back to your native metabolism and physiology on a path that is intuitive and natural. 

It is time to live life on your terms, to feel energetic and young and to do those things that you want to do, and, if you are an athlete, achieve those performance goals and become healthier and more robust in the process.

Why work with us


OFM has cracked the code for reversing the aging process. All you have to do is look at our athletes who have slowed the aging process to a crawl, turned back their metabolic age to perform as if they are decades younger and remain healthy and vibrant. We don't talk about longevity and reverse aging, we make it happen in the real world by helping you take back your native physiology and metabolism then build your metabolic capacity to its potential. 


The Human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself when given the right inputs and environment. This begins with a metabolism optimized for metabolizing fat. When you gain back your native physiology, you restore hormonal balance, reduce the oxidative stress, inflammation, glycation and lactate load derived from burning too much blood sugar (glucose). This allows the cycle of healing to progress. 

There is no longer any doubt that overconsumption of sugar (glucose) is one of the principle drivers of most modern diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, etc.) so reducing your carbohydrates, chronic stress and other environmental factors that are impeding your metabolism is key.  

The body composition & weight nature programed you to have

Nature got things right. Overweight and metabolically compromised animals simply do not exist in the wild. Fortunately you don't have to go back to go forward. By focusing on your core metabolism, OFM guides you back to the robust metabolic health we all have programmed inside us, the one where it burns fat instead of stores it. We harness the tools of our modern life so they are aligned with our evolutionary heritage so you can lose excess weight, build lean body mass through building metabolic capacity and maintain your weight and vibrancy seamlessly without stress and structure.  

The Team Helping You Reach Your Peak Metabolic Health and Performance

Our Medical Advisory Team

Our advisory committee is composed of clinicians and researchers who not only 'get it' about our work at OFM but are also living it in their daily lives and athletic pursuits.

Our Coaching Team

Our core Coaching staff are people committed to the OFM approach to performance, fitness and a new paradigm of health. 

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