Diane Cridennda's journey in endurance sports, particularly in half Ironman competitions, is a remarkable tale of overcoming health challenges and optimizing athletic performance through nutritional strategies. At 66, Diane stands out for her age and achievements in a demanding sport.

Her story began after completing her first half Ironman in 2014, which unfortunately led to health issues like leaky gut and skin problems, severely impacting her quality of life. This experience prompted her to seek guidance from Peter Defty, a known proponent of fat-adaptation in athletes. Diane's commitment to changing her fueling strategy, focusing on fat adaptation rather than traditional carbohydrate dependency, marked a significant turn in her athletic journey.

The transition was not easy, as Diane experienced the 'keto flu' during her adaptation phase, a challenging period of physical adjustment to a ketogenic diet. However, with persistent guidance and encouragement from Peter, she successfully adapted to this new nutritional approach.

Diane's first half Ironman as a fat-adapted athlete was a resounding success, winning first place in Saint George by a substantial margin. This victory qualified her for the Montre Block World Championship, further solidifying her status as a formidable athlete in her age group.

A key element of Diane's success is her strategic use of carbohydrates. While primarily relying on fat for energy, she incorporates small amounts of carbohydrates when necessary, particularly during long-duration events like half Ironmans. This approach, which she refers to as "strategic carbohydrates," allows her to maintain energy levels and muscular glycogen throughout her races.

Diane's achievements extend beyond her individual competitions. She recently completed a triathlon camp in Tucson, where she faced challenging climbing activities. Despite being the oldest participant, she excelled and kept pace with much younger athletes.

Her most recent accomplishment was at the World Championship in South Africa, where she aimed for a top-five finish but surpassed her expectations by securing third place. This achievement was particularly memorable due to the support and real-time guidance from her husband, who used the Ironman app to advise her during the race.

Diane's story is a testament to the belief that age is just a number and that proper nutrition and training can lead to extraordinary athletic feats. Her journey emphasizes the importance of adapting one's diet to individual needs and the potential benefits of a fat-adapted approach for endurance athletes. Diane's experience serves as an inspiration, showing that with determination, guidance, and a willingness to adapt, one can achieve remarkable success in sports, regardless of age.

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