Mike Willard, a 58-year-old construction worker specializing in petrochemical oil and gas inspection, has undergone a remarkable transformation through his journey with Vespa and the OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) approach. Initially, Willard followed a high-carb diet to fuel his passion for ultra-running, but this led to weight gain and health issues. In 2013, he weighed 198 pounds but has since slimmed down to 140 pounds.

His turning point came after struggling with gastrointestinal issues and severe cramps during an ultra-marathon, which left him incapacitated for weeks and aggravated his gout and arthritis. This experience prompted him to shift to a keto diet and later to the Maffetone method, which focuses on heart rate-based training. However, this approach initially slowed his running progress.

Inspired by middle-aged athlete Jeff Browning, Willard adopted the OFM approach, which emphasizes fat as the primary fuel source for endurance sports. This change, along with incorporating the Vespa product, led to significant improvements. Vespa, a catalyst for optimizing fat metabolism, enabled him to run with minimal calorie intake. Remarkably, during a 100-mile race, he consumed only 400 to 500 calories, mainly from Vespa, and completed the race in 27 hours and 14 minutes.

Willard's training for this event included back-to-back six-hour runs in challenging conditions, relying on just water, Vespa, and some salt. This approach allowed him to perform better on the second day, even after depleting carbohydrates the day before.

Willard's story is not just about weight loss but also about discovering a sustainable approach to fueling and recovery. He emphasizes the benefits of the OFM approach and Vespa, not just for athletic performance but also for overall health and well-being. His experience highlights the importance of finding the right dietary and training strategies that work for one's body, especially in demanding sports like ultra-running.e...

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