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What’s YOUR Metabolic Age?

This article and video is about my observations of how optimizing fat metabolism is essential for anti-aging, and how athletes who are focusing on optimizing their fat metabolism actually feel they have reversed their age by decades.What inspired me to record this vlog and get YOU thinking about how you want to move through life, […]

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OFM Training Tip – The Switch

Here is a little OFM Training Tip that we encourage all of our athletes to do – It is called looking for and feeling “The Switch”.This is really what Fat Adaptation is all about. What is the Switch?The Switch is when you can literally feel your body start to tap into your fat stores.  It […]

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The best fight against disease – Metabolic Fitness…

Today, I am talking about our immune system function.  In light of Covid, this is appropriate, however, this concept goes far beyond the current climate and focuses on how our bodies fight the viruses and bacteria we are exposed to on a daily basis. To stay on track, let’s use CoVid-19 as it is the […]

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The Importance of a Long Slow Warmup

This article is about one of the keys to our OFM Protocol Training (Optimized Fat Metabolism).  The Long Slow Warmup (SLW) is a component of OFM Training because of the critical role it plays in your Performance and Health.  Why is a Long Slow Warmup important?When we are in a relatively sedentary state our body’s […]

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What to expect when changing your fuel from Carbs to Fat

There is no doubt that carbohydrates provide a lot of energy but it is important we understand the metabolic problems they can cause to find the ‘BALANCE’. One example comes to mind when I was talking to a triathlon coach about an athlete of his who claimed she had chronic fatigue syndrome.  This coach did […]

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[Article] Cell health and Mitochondria - every athlete needs to know this!

YOUR Fat Adapted Future begins with Mitochondria

There remains a lot of scepticism and doubt around fat adaptation for health & performance. Earlier this year a podcast came out with Jason Koop   and Jeff Browning. In this podcast Jason expresses not only  doubt but, at times, dismissiveness about the results Jeff Browning is experiencing from optimizing his fat metabolism. At the […]

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Tapping into your limitless energy

This article is to help you understand the paradigm-shift of making the change to tapping into YOUR limitless energy and how Vespa can help you drive this change Unfortunately, and with all the best intentions, we have been ‘Sold & Told’ into thinking and believing you need all these external calories; carb-loading, gels, shot blocks, […]

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How to Supplement Your Sports Nutrition the OFM way

One way we make OFM “A Program for the Rest of Us” is through our sports nutrition and supplement philosophy.  Supplementation is not a replacement for your diet but it is used to bring Nutritional Balance to it.  Currently there is a LOT of talk about ‘Nutrient Density’ and this is important as is ‘Nutrient […]

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[Article] - Fat Adaptation is not about macros or calories

Fat Adaptation is not about macros or calories

We never evolved to count our calories or our macros, and fat adaptation was not a concept, it was the natural state of our bodies. In this article I want to talk about the real way to view food for optimal performance and health, and why I created the OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) Program. OFM is […]

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