Our Mission is to guide, support and empower YOU in the restoration of your metabolic health potential so you can achieve a state of "Higher Health & Peak Performance"

At OFM, We Accomplish This By: 

  • Focusing on the foundational physiology and metabolic pathways which promote robust metabolic health and regeneration instead of focusing on the ‘Tools’. This is the one which metabolizes fat for both energy and nearly all of the metabolic processes to sustain Life.
  • Harnessing the ‘Tools’ of Diet, Supplementation, Physical Activity/Training, Lifestyle, Environment, and Stress Management to build Metabolic Capacity on a cellular/mitochondrial level.
  • Using our programs, information and products in a semi-structured fashion to guide the individual on their metabolic health journey so that the structure can be dropped and the habits incorporated as a stress free Lifestyle.
  • Staying grounded in the science of evolutionary biology
  • Prioritizing the Individual in a Holistic and Dynamic environment.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."  -   Margaret Mead

Our Vision

By helping each Individual reach their health and performance potential, and create a grassroots movement to positively impact the restoration of Human Health on a population level scale

Through our company, its people and our collaborations we envision:

  • Growing our brands and offerings well beyond the current niches we currently occupy so exponentially more people can experience the life-changing health & performance benefits through our proven offerings
  • Continually learn, develop, pioneer and innovate
  • Deliver unprecedented value to the end user
  • Through our offerings, especially content, we empower people to take back their health
  • Remain grounded in the science of evolutionary biology while harnessing modern tools in a way that is in alignment with our native physiology rather than sidestepping it
  • Operate & grow in a highly efficient manner to provide sustainable profitability, growth and continual reinvestment in developing our offerings, R&D and, most importantly, our people

Our Values

Honor & Integrity: 

Our organization honors:

  • The Human Potential 
  • Science & Faith
  • Every person we interact with as part of the value chain we are creating for the betterment of the individual and humanity.

This creates an environment of integrity where we constantly seek and deliver accurate and honest information in conjunction with producing/sourcing, offering and delivering safe and highly effective products and services which are appropriate for the individual customer even in the face of:

  • Uncertainty 
  • Obstacles & Opposition 
  • Financial motivations counter to the Truth and the Integrity of our values 


Kaizen is a Japanese concept and ethos of constant improvement. We are a company and individuals in a state of constant and consistent striving to continually improve in all facets of our work, mission and stages of Life.

Open, Curious & Collaborative:

This set of values keep us on a constant path of learning and growing as Individuals and as a Company, which prevents us from becoming entrenched in a paradigm of dogma or confirmational bias. The open exchange and discussion of ideas, observations, data and experiences drives growth, spurs ideas and fosters new ways of thinking and doing. Sadly, there is little of this going on today. This offers us, our clients/customers and collaborators an opportunity for a ‘Renaissance’ which can move humanity forward.


While running a business as a profitable entity is necessary for growth, our mission is to use the profit and growth to facilitate the sharing and giving each individual on our Team, which in turn will bring greater benefits to our customers. 

Value Driven: 

We strive to deliver the priceless value through the least expensive path to “Higher Health & Peak Performance”. Regaining robust health should not be expensive in almost all cases, and thankfully, we have people like Tim McConnell who are proof of this.

No Exit Strategy: 

The journey of Life has no off ramps, no buyouts nor IPO’s and No Exit Strategy . . . Thus our company’s values are formed around long term sustainable growth and profitability in our mission while delivering the priceless value of health to our customers and end users while sharing our success with our internal Team and with entities and people we collaborate with.