Chris Nolta's story is a remarkable blend of high-intensity professional demands and innovative nutritional strategies, showcasing how performance and endurance extend beyond sports into other demanding professions.

Nolta is a professional aerial applicator, commonly referred to as a crop duster, operating in California's Central Valley. His job is both vital and extremely challenging. During the growing season, Chris endures grueling work schedules, flying for 8 to 10 hours each night at speeds of 140 miles per hour, just meters above the crop canopy. This already demanding task is further complicated by the presence of power lines, poles, levees, and other obstacles, all of which he must navigate in the dark while performing precise crop applications.

A key aspect of Chris's ability to perform at such a high level is his adoption of OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) and Vespa, a nutritional approach and product that help him maintain consistent energy levels throughout these intense night shifts. Typically, his routine starts around 5 PM with preparations and paperwork. He begins flying at 7 PM, and around 8 PM, he takes a product called nitrogen. Two hours later, he consumes Vespa, which sustains his energy through most of the night until 3 or 4 AM. Sometimes, he takes another nitrogen dose around 3 AM if the night extends longer. Remarkably, Chris doesn't eat or drink much during this time, relying instead on these specific products to keep his energy constant, avoiding traditional energy drinks and caffeine.

Chris's story highlights the critical role of specialized nutrition and endurance strategies in professions that demand extreme physical and mental performance, demonstrating that such approaches are not limited to the realm of sports but are essential in various high-stakes occupations.

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