Whether your organization is composed of first responders, military personnel or professionals in a physically & mentally demanding work environment,  OFM's focus on optimizing core metabolic & physiological function yields sustainable real world results. 

OFM's Team Will Guide Your Organization To Achieve 

"Higher Health & Peak Performance" 

Our specialty is in building metabolic capacity. This discipline has been honed at the outer edges of Human Performance because, by definition, innovation occurs outside of conventional norms.  In doing so, we take what we learn and translate these into proven real world strategies and protocols to build metabolic capacity for immediate and long term demands. This will help your organization:

  • Reach optimal health, performance & efficiency without rigid dietary protocols
  • Maintain greater mental clarity, focus and situational awareness in high pressure situations 
  • Maintain coordination and fine motor skills to execute any task.
  • Reduce injuries & prevent/reverse chronic disease
  • Improve productivity on and off the job

Why work with us

improve endurance, strength & stamina

The key to productivity is physical and mental endurance and stamina so you have the reserves for those bursts of energy along with focus, situational awareness and insightful thought to draw upon at those critical moments where precision execution counts.

This is accomplished by optimizing fat metabolism to build metabolic capacity. OFM fundamentally changes the paradigm so you and your Team/Organization will have a deep well of reserve capacity no matter the mission.  

Enhance critical analysis, decision making, execution & coordination 

OFM yields 'Blood Sugar Stability'. Whether you are in  competition, on a battlefield, in a boardroom or a demanding/critical work or recreational environment being 'Blood Sugar Stable' gives you and your team the emotional stability and executive mental function to work together as a cohesive team focused on the mission, execution and outcomes.  

Blood Sugar Stability maintains the coordination and fine motor skills required for your Team to execute the demands of precision physical activities and/or focused intellectual analytical tasks where the outcomes make the difference between profit or loss, winning and losing, life or death or success and failure.

OFM helps organizations - Mental Clarity
TEAM/organization HEALTH - prevent &  eliminate rather than 'manage' chronic Disease & injury

A healthy organization brings healthier outcomes. Building your metabolic capacity has an upward 'cascade' effect. When you are metabolically fit, all of the performance benefits have profound health benefits. 

The modern world is plagued by largely preventable chronic diseases and injuries related to them. While diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer top the list, other chronic diseases like obesity, arthritis and dementia are all so common they are seen as a normal progression of the aging process. These conditions are NOT normal and largely preventable.

Increase productivity, reduce sick/leave time and cut your organization's healthcare costs to a fraction through an OFM Program structured to your organization's profile and needs to create value, Team cohesion and leverage your bottom line. 

accelerated recovery through damage prevention

Whether physical, mental or combined one of the biggest benefits of OFM is the recovery from acute stressors or episodic periods of higher demands.

By focusing on cellular health at the metabolic level OFM completely changes the paradigm of recovery from strenuous or long duration activity by preventing the damage caused by excessive glucose metabolism; the oxidative stress, glycation and lactate load. This is what produces the muscle soreness, physical and mental fatigue. 

Not only will your Team rebound faster but this fundamental paradigm shift moves the needle from recovery to adaptation to accelerate the cellular robustness to be stronger, fitter, faster and more mentally agile.

individualized & real world oriented

Whether it is the individual, the Organization or its mission, OFM fully understands the crucial value of individualized solutions. From its inception supporting Vespa athletes, OFM was built one athlete at a time to achieve results in the real world of competition at the outer edges of Human Performance.

The ability to excel begins from within. Optimized cellular health, though unseen, has profound positive impacts on our external physique, mindset and execution of both. 

Whether it is physical, mental or a combination of both, OFM fundamentally changes the paradigm by optimizing cellular robustness so you and your Team will be stronger, fitter, faster and more agile.

The Team Helping You Coach Your People To Peak Metabolic Health and Performance

Our Medical Advisory Team

Our advisory committee is composed of clinicians and researchers who not only 'get it' about our work at OFM but are also living it in their daily lives and athletic pursuits.

Our Coaching Team

Our core Coaching staff are people committed to the OFM approach to performance, fitness and a new paradigm of health. 

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