Janet Pucci, now 71 years old, shares her remarkable journey as a long-distance runner and her experience with Vespa, a product she was initially skeptical about. Initially cynical, considering Vespa a gimmick, her perspective changed when a friend introduced her to it during a 20-mile run. Surprisingly, near the end of this run, she felt unusually energetic, even suggesting to add extra miles, which she attributes to Vespa.

Over her impressive athletic career, Janet has completed 33 AR 50-mile races, participated in the prestigious Western States endurance run, and various 50Ks, some of which no longer exist. She enjoys the thrill of competition and the satisfaction of often being the first in her age group, sometimes being the only competitor in that category.

Janet recounts an experiment to gauge Vespa's effectiveness: she ran a 15-mile loop at Hidden Falls with and without using Vespa. She found a significant improvement in her pace with Vespa, being about a minute per mile faster, translating to 15-20 minutes quicker over the entire course. This improvement, she believes, was solely due to Vespa, as it helped her feel more clear-headed and focused, allowing her to run uphill without stopping and navigate downhills with less quad pain.

Despite her age, Janet maintains an active lifestyle. She runs 3-4 days a week, incorporating recovery days which might include walking with a friend, horse riding, or trail work. She considers 15 miles a short run and often does hill repeats on "cardiac hill," involving a 700 feet climb over a mile, making for a strenuous 12-mile workout. Her friends regularly encourage her to join them for runs exceeding 20 miles, whether training for an event or not.

Janet's story is a testament to the impact of determination, passion, and perhaps the right supplements, in sustaining a long and successful athletic career.

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