Jessica Rohlman's journey in the world of fitness and athletics is both inspiring and transformative. Residing in Arkansas, Jessica initially engaged in workouts without serious commitment until 2012. Her professional career began at a local community college in Morleton, where she started as a health and fitness instructor, eventually rising to the position of Director of Workforce Development. Her academic background includes a master's degree in health sciences.

Jessica’s passion for fitness led her to create new classes, including a Run Walk class, marking her deeper involvement in the fitness world. Though she contemplated a personal trainer certification, her career path shifted more towards administration.

Her running journey began modestly in 2012, with her first run lasting only forty seconds due to breathlessness. This humble start soon led to her first half marathon in December of the same year, followed quickly by a second, challenging the common notion of never wanting to run another half marathon after the first. Her running achievements escalated, including completing 14 half marathons in 2014, along with her first marathon and a 25k race.

Jessica encountered dietary challenges due to being gluten-free and her inability to tolerate gels and conventional running supplements. This led her to Vespa, a nutritional supplement that significantly improved her running experience. Initially skeptical due to its ingredients, she was persuaded to try Vespa and noticed remarkable benefits like reduced soreness and decreased reliance on solid food during runs.

Her interaction with Peter from Vespa opened new avenues for her in terms of athletic performance and diet. Embracing the principles of Optimal Fat Metabolism (OFM), Jessica saw a marked improvement in her health, including a reduction in body fat from 24.5% to 18.5% and an 18-pound weight loss. This dietary approach also alleviated her dairy issues, although she continues to avoid gluten.

Jessica’s renewed commitment to running saw her return to regular training and races in 2019, achieving a personal best in a half marathon. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of proper nutrition and targeted training, even for non-elite, middle-of-the-pack athletes like herself. She credits Vespa and the guidance she received in terms of supplements and diet for these remarkable changes in her athletic performance and overall health. Jessica encourages others, especially those in the health and fitness field, to explore such products and dietary approaches, highlighting their potential benefits in muscle recovery and overall physical well-being.

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