Kuni Yamagata, a 67-year-old athlete originally from Japan and currently residing in California, has an inspiring journey in the world of ultrarunning. He began running in 2008 and transitioned to ultrarunning in 2011. Since then, Yamagata has completed over 100 ultramarathon races, including 25 100-mile races.

A significant aspect of his story is his experience with Vespa, a supplement he began using three years ago. Initially skeptical, Yamagata was influenced by a friend's positive experience with Vespa in challenging races. He first tried Vespa after purchasing it from a sporting goods store and quickly noticed its benefits; he experienced no soreness after races and could resume normal running activities the next day. This led him to continue using Vespa, appreciating its ability to reduce his reliance on sugary gels during races.

Yamagata highlights several key races in his career. He has been a regular participant in the Leota Lago 100 Mile in California, completing it nine times out of ten attempts, including four sub-24-hour finishes. He also mentions his experience in the Hardrock 100, with four finishes out of five attempts, and the HURT 100 in Hawaii, where he finished twice out of four attempts.

One of the most notable aspects of Yamagata's use of Vespa is the convenience of its concentrated form, making it easy to carry and consume during races. He takes it every three hours, reducing his need to carry excessive amounts of food and allowing him to maintain energy for extended periods, up to 40 hours. Yamagata also occasionally supplements his nutrition with gels or coke from aid stations. He credits Vespa for his ability to avoid stomach issues, fatigue, and the dreaded "bonking" during races.

Yamagata's story is not just about his athletic achievements but also about finding what works for him nutritionally, helping him perform at his best in ultramarathons. He encourages others to try Vespa and see how it works for them, emphasizing the personal nature of nutrition and endurance sports.

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