Gina Pape, a 62-year-old athlete and VESPA OFM runner, recently completed her first 50-mile race, securing 4th place among females with a time of 10 hours and 18 minutes. Her journey in running spans many years, but she only started achieving notable success later in life. Initially, despite being a long-time runner, she never excelled in races and struggled with weight gain, even as she continued running after having children.

Her turning point came with dietary changes, first through low-carb dieting, then transitioning to a keto diet. These changes led to weight loss and improved performance, but it wasn't until she met Peter at PaleoFX in 2015 and learned about VESPA that she began to see significant improvements. Incorporating VESPA into her routine, she noticed faster and stronger running capabilities.

Gina's race strategy involves minimal calorie intake, relying on VESPA's Ultra concentrates, a junior, and a CV 25 supplement, along with minimal solid food like a bit of banana and honey stingers. This approach allowed her to complete the race with minimal caloric intake and without gastrointestinal issues, a common concern for long-distance runners.

Her recovery times post-marathon have remarkably improved. At 60, she ran her second marathon in 3 hours and 55 minutes, a significant improvement over her first marathon at 27 or 28 years old. She credits her swift recovery to the VESPA OFM protocol, which has also eliminated her food cravings and snacking habits.

In her dietary approach, Gina emphasizes not worrying about food measurements. She consumes a meat-heavy diet and adds carbs, like baked potatoes or rice, before races. This dietary strategy, in conjunction with VESPA and OFM coaching, has not only improved her running times but also enhanced her physical strength, especially in her legs. Gina's story is a testament to how dietary changes, targeted supplementation, and a dedicated training regimen can lead to significant improvements in athletic performance, even later in life.

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