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Your Metabolic Health – Getting Back to the Basics

What does teaching my kiddos how to use the brakes on their bicycles have to do with your metabolic health & performance? …A LOT!  This impromptu vlog came together during my run on Case Mountain Road a few days after spending an afternoon teaching my kiddos some basic cycling skills. It’s one of those serendipitous ‘Ah Hah’ […]

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Eliminating the Marathon Wall with OFM

Today, I’d like to bust through the Marathon Wall Myth.If you are watching this as an OFM Fat Adapted Athlete, you already know this wall disappears through fat adaptation and/or using VESPA, but today you will learn the ‘why’. If you are new to Vespa or OFM and an endurance athlete, you probably know this ‘wall’ […]

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Myth Busting Health and Diet Buzzwords

Buzzwords annoy the crap out of me, so today I’m going to Myth Bust a few buzzwords so I can have a good rant, get this out of my system and in the process, help you hang on to your mind and your money! BuzzWords: Mental Gateways to StupidityLet’s start by framing the situation: Today’s […]

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A New Chronic Disease: Sedentarianism

Sedentarianism is a term I concocted for a person following a sedentary lifestyle. Now I don’t have to convince you that a sedentary lifestyle is not particularly healthy but, because it is so pervasive in developed countries, there is an acceptance of being sedentary as ‘normal’ and people can be healthy simply through ‘Diet’ and […]

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Busting the Myths to Health and Performance

In an effort to bring you solid content you can sustainably apply to YOUR life and sport, I will sprinkle our weekly content with various myths about diet, nutrition, training, physiology and metabolism. It is hard to change a belief systemTo be able to make that paradigm shift in thinking you have to be willing to […]

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