Mental Clarity and what I like to call “Blood Sugar Stability” is a vital component for overall performance. This blog was inspired by a message I received a few days ago from an ER Nurse who has low BS challenges and wearing a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor):

"I did the big ruck-heavy lift day-then a crazy ER shift—all on Vespa…no food-blood sugar was stable all day—-I had no deviations—and I have felt awesome all day"

This is consistent with what so many athletes notice when using Vespa. Things like :

“I don’t make stupid mistakes late in a race anymore.” & “I am totally focused and in the zone.”

Why is “Blood Sugar Stability” so important?

Because your brain, despite being composed primarily of fats (technically Lipids), uses glucose and/or ketones for energy, thus is highly sensitive to any fluctuations in glucose levels. During exercise, especially when there are surges into the threshold and anaerobic spectrums of metabolism, you lose that fine edge of focus, fine motor skills and coordination, even before you notice you are fatigued and that you have lost your edge.

Have Blood Sugar Stability with Stamina and Endurance

Now while most of you watching are probably endurance athletes a perfect profile is figure skating Champion, Alexei Yagudin. Alexei trained and performed using VESPA during his 2002 season. Not only did he go on to win the 2002 Winter Olympic Gold Medal but won every competition he entered that season including the Grand Prix Final, World Championships and European Championships. 

How did this occur? . . . practice. During practice the Coach not only coaches but keeps an eagle eye on the execution of the skater. As soon as the skater falters they are pulled off the ice, ending or disrupting the session because they are executing incorrectly and risk injury. In Alexei’s case, he credits VESPA with giving him the ability to practice longer honing his craft, and embedding muscle memory. This is what I call the “Blood Sugar Stability” that goes hand in hand with the stamina and endurance you get in every pouch of Vespa. 

You don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from Vespa

So it doesn’t matter whether you are a World Champion Figure Skater, an Endurance Athlete or an ER Nurse just trying to get through the day, Vespa gives you that Blood Sugar Stable edge without the ups & downs of caffeine, energy gels or drinks. 

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