These are a few concepts I’ve been tossing around for years and have mentioned a time or two but, most recently, I alluded to them in a conversation with Dr. Cathy .

I want to get them front and center in today’s vlog so you can consider what I am saying, seriously take the time to consider these four concepts, and then consider for yourself without some expert citing a study, whether what I am saying makes sense.

  1. What modern healthcare considers ‘healthy’ is actually far from it from an evolutionary perspective. It is sick and well below the threshold of the robust health we were required to have as Hunter/Gatherers. 
  1. Formal healthcare science largely studies the sick and those with disease 
    • Diabetes research studies diabetics
    • Heart disease studies subjects with cardiovascular disease
    • Cancer research is based around inducing cancer in lab mice and clinical trials on those with cancer
    • Spoiler alert: There are billions poured into these areas of research
  2. Conventional healthcare therapies tend to treat the symptom rather than address the root cause when it comes to chronic diseases
  1. Even human performance studies largely fail to study underlying metabolism and physiology outside the constraints of their institutional biases. Doesn’t matter which camp, high carb, keto, plant based or carnivore the controlling for variables, the confirmational bias and institutional guardrails prevent a more nuanced and individualized form of investigation. 

Now consider our approach : 

  1. Realignment of our metabolism and physiology back to the one Nature intended us to have; the one where fat is your aerobic energy source. 
  1. Develop, then study the Human Potential at the very edge of Human Performance then corroborate the real world lab results of competition with data from standardized testing. To put it bluntly, we study super healthy people not sick ones. You can actually learn a thing or two about being healthy and prevent disease this way!
  1. Develop real world protocols that allow for and factor in individual variables and the dynamics of Human physiology.
  1. Wherever possible, use food based products or natural supplements because that same millions of years of evolution that created modern Humans also went into developing the foods and natural supplements you consume
  1. The restoration of Metabolic Health prevents and can reverse chronic disease by eliminating the causes, most often without pharmaceutical intervention

This is why we don’t wait for the science, we lead it. 

This might sound bold, but think about this. . . Our Team of Doctors, Athletes and myself study what works for super healthy humans, that are capable of incredible things like run hundreds of miles across the desert.   While doing this, they also retained their vibrant health to prevent sickness and disease, versus research on the big three of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer? 

Certainly, we need to do research in these areas, but you need to recognize that with the billions of dollars flowing into these diseases, and their prevalence showing no sign of abating, you have to question the driving motivation. While 99.9% of those clinicians and researchers have great intentions “To find a cure” the simple fact the “cure” is more elusive than ever suggests a fundamental change of approach is needed. 

All you have to do is look to the living breathing, fat burning dataset our Heroes represent. And, with our guidance, you, too, can lead yourself to “Higher Health & Peak Performance”
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