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Beating The Bonk With VESPA - Podcast with Jeff Browning & Peter Mortimer

Beating The Bonk With VESPA – Podcast with Jeff Browning & Peter Mortimer

In this roundtable podcast with Ultra champions Jeff Browning and Peter Mortimer we discuss how they use VESPA in their training and racing. In it you will learn:What VESPA isHow using VESPA increases fat metabolismHow increasing fat metabolism dramatically reduces the reliance on external caloriesHow VESPA dramatically reduces the risk of the Gastrointestinal (GI) challenges […]

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My Western States Golden Hour Race Fueling Strategy

For the past three or four years I’ve gone out to pace runners who are sitting on the bubble to make the 30 Hour Cutoff at the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run (WS). This is called the “Golden Hour” of the race and, if you haven’t seen these finishes, they truly are the most […]

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Expanding Your Physical Limits With Vespa

If you saw the vlog featuring Nick Coury a few weeks ago you got to hear his journey to adopting OFM beginning with Vespa. Like most people Nick was extremely skeptical of both Vespa and the “fat as fuel” approach.  However, after that fateful race when his conventional nutrition plan went sideways, not only did […]

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Try Vespa and notice the huge difference…

If you are new to OFM and Vespa Endurance you will notice we talk alot about Fat Adaptation being the key to your health and performance.We also recognize if you rely on carbs to be your main source of fuel, that there are some huge shifts to make to become fat adapted.So here is the […]

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