Recovery is a HUGE topic these days in athletic performance but this has been a hallmark of both VESPA and the OFM Program for over 2 decades. Just ask any athlete applying the OFM protocols or simply just using Vespa! 

Why do the athletes we work with continually perform and often get better over time rather than broken down after a few seasons? . . .why are they able to race again within weeks instead of months? Most importantly, why are they able to perform well even into middle age? 

Here are 7 real world solutions to recover faster and quicker. Bear in mind, that as the pioneers and innovators in this sphere some of our thinking, approach and solutions are radically different to the band aid fixes offered up by the conventional recovery approaches. Be sure to stay to the end for the REAL answer to the recovery equation!

Recovery Tip 1 - Minimize Your Carb Intake

Minimize your carbohydrate intake. Burning lots of sugar is never a good idea because this creates the oxidative stress and lactate load, and your body needs to process and clear this at the cellular level. Consuming a lot of carbs drives consuming even more sugar, and at a certain point this erodes your Metabolic Capacity further accelerating the decline in metabolic capacity, and driving the need for more sugar.

Recovery Tip 2:  80/20 Rule For Training

Train and Exercise using the 80/20 rule. 80% of your physical activities should be done in the aerobic spectrum of metabolism while 20% should be in the form of upper aerobic, threshold and anaerobic intensities to provide the adaptive signaling to build metabolic capacity. If you are starting out on your OFM journey keep your aerobic zone training well within your comfort zone. 

Recovery Tip 3:   Slow Long Warm Up 

ALWAYS perform a long slow building warmup of at least 30 minutes! Our real world data suggest it takes 32-34 minutes for most athletes to fully ramp up their internal energy delivery pathways for sustained fat based performance. 

Recovery Tip 4: HIIT Workout Tips

If you are doing an interval workout (HIIT) make sure the “off” interval is 2-3 times longer than the “on” interval to ensure full recovery between intervals. This clears the CO2 & Lactate from the cells and recharges them with Oxygen and nutrients to prevent cumulative oxidative stress and lactate load. 

Recovery Tip 5: Hydration

Proper Hydration! Staying properly Hydrated has HUGE impact on your recovery. Especially during and immediately after physical activity be sure to be properly hydrated per the conditions. While most people know they need to take in lots of water when their sweat rate is high, many do not realize the extent of the electrolyte demand, particularly for Sodium. 

Recovery Tip 6:  Use Carbs Strategically

Use carbohydrates “strategically” for that performance push you need when competing or doing tough workouts. Restricting carbs at this time can lead to adrenal stress which will delay recovery.

Recovery Tip 7:  Use Vespa

Use Vespa! This is not a shameless plug for Vespa but one benefit athletes ubiquitously notice. Vespa is a natural catalyst which has been shown to enhance fat oxidation. 

All of these strategies lead to the real point of the recovery discussion: Half of the recovery equation can be virtually eliminated by simply PREVENTING the DAMAGE of Oxidative Stress and Lactate through optimizing fat metabolism. We’ve pioneered fat adaptation in the new millenia and in conjunction with our Research and Development Team of Athletes continue to disrupt and innovate so YOU can reach higher health and peak performance. 

So, if you are experiencing poor or delayed recovery from your training and events and want the ‘secret sauce’ to longevity in sport and life people like Jeff and Diane enjoy either: 

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