Finding Your Performance Edge

Looking for that performance edge? . . . of course you are!

Who doesn’t want to be fitter, faster, stronger?  . . . and not matter which way you look there is some kind of device, app, supplement or superfood offering itself up as THE solution….often backed by “science”!

So, how do you sort through all the noise and distraction?  

Logic, . . . and marketing . . .  focus on the latest and last things which often provide INCREMENTAL improvements. Problem here is the five thousand dollar ultralight carbon bike and 225 calorie caffeinated hydrogel are a complete waste of money, if you're twenty or more pounds above your goal weight, and need a gel every half hour to prevent a bonk. 

YOUR real performance edge begins within. 

It starts with the unseen complexities of metabolic health and capacity.  These will give you the foundation to leverage your performance from. . . just like your home, you don’t see the foundation, but you want your home to be built upon a solid strong foundation. It’s no different with your body’s performance capacity. 

That foundation is built upon fat metabolism. Fat metabolism underpins EVERY function of your body, including the ability to push to that performance zone where carbohydrates play a role and by optimizing fat metabolism, you leverage glucose utilization for that edge when it counts in training and competition. This is NOT keto but an individualized pathway to building your metabolic capacity, so you already have the health and performance edge before adding that incremental tool so you can leverage it fully. 

Understand that YOUR edge starts behind the scenes with your foundational physiology. This is the evolutionary heritage we all possess in our DNA, the one to perform as if our Life depended upon it….because, for our ancestors it did! 

Get Your Foundation Right Today

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If you are interested in transforming your metabolic health and learning more how you can optimize your fat metabolism contact us about setting up a free consult call.