Real World Metabolic Health – Science versus Academia

The Science Experts have often dismissed VESPA and/or OFM because of a lack of peer-reviewed publications. These same experts often cite ‘the science’ using or discussing peer-reviewed literature to enhance their position of expertise and influence. Science Has Become Like ReligionThese Authorities you see in the news, online and on Social Media are followers, followers of […]

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Fat Metabolism – Your Key To Reverse Aging & Chronic Disease

In recent years there has been this huge interest in slowing or reversing the aging process with the likes of Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield and Peter Attia being the internet Gurus people flock to.Long before these guys had any inkling about the benefits of carbohydrate restriction, I’d accidentally tripped onto these benefits for slowing the […]

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3 Key Keto Myths That Will Affect Your Performance

There is no doubt you have heard of the Ketogenic Diet, however, there remains a lot of misconceptions about it. So this article is going to discuss the information surrounding the Ketogenic Diet to help orient you on your health and performance journey.First of all a lot of the misconceptions and disappointments surrounding the Ketogenic […]

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The First Step To Optimizing Your Fat Metabolism

January is a time of new beginnings and change. And with the past 2 years who isn’t ready for real change? So in today’s vlog, I want to bust the biggest myth of all about OFM, the one that prevents most people from making that fundamental shift to fat as fuel. Instead of the usual 30 […]

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Emerging from the Shadows and into the Light in 2022

This is what I call running in the light and shadows of the trail. Something Ansel Adams spoke about climate quite vividly portrayed in his photographs that nature and sunlight and all this were running in this beautiful kaleidoscope of light and shadows. And all the elements are converging to make those unique light and […]

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