The Importance of a Long Slow Warmup

This article is about one of the keys to our OFM Protocol Training (Optimized Fat Metabolism).  The Long Slow Warmup (SLW) is a component of OFM Training because of the critical role it plays in your Performance and Health.  Why is a Long Slow Warmup important?When we are in a relatively sedentary state our body’s […]

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What does Independence mean for your Personal Health

On this holiday weekend, we are tend to think about the value of our independence and freedom.  With the freedom comes responsibility toward ourselves and others. I want to get you thinking along the same lines when it comes to your health.  Our Freedom also gives us the option to choose how we treat our […]

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[Article] Demystifying Vitamin D - Essentials you need to know

Demystifying Vitamin D – Essentials you need to know

With Summer upon us I’d like to talk about Vitamin D, the ”sunshine Vitamin” . One of the emerging insights of COVID-19 is the inverse correlation between Vitamin D and outcomes of COVID-19.  The higher the Vitamin D the better the outcome, the lower the Vitamin D the worse the outcome. This airtight inverse relationship […]

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Cardiovascular conditioning is essential for the Fat Adapted Athlete

Cardiovascular Conditioning is a foundational piece in optimizing your fat metabolism. . . So, in today’s video, I’m going to share the ‘whys’ of cardio for those seminal ‘ahh, hah!’ moments you need to recognize just how crucial developing your cardiovascular potential is for health and performance.Now, if you are an endurance athlete, I don’t […]

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[Article] - Your Genetic Potential - the way forward through CoVid

Your Genetic Potential – the way forward through CoVid

Today I want to start by sharing a personal thought . . . and kind of ironic. I keep telling myself it’s time to quit these COVID-19 related videos. Honestly, I am not comfortable doing them and personally I am SO over the COVID-19 drama which this situation has devolved to. ….You probably feel the […]

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What can we do to be a Healthier Herd?

As you know I’ve been discussing  that we need to find a way forward and taking a lot of flak for it. Ironically, about a week ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) all but admitted containment is not an option and holding out for a vaccine, if one is developed, is not in the cards […]

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[VLOG] How Murder Hornets can save you from bonking

“I thought Vespa was a Gimmick…”

So if you have seen the news on the ‘Murder Hornets’ or watched my video taking about how we extract the peptide responsible for powering these Badasses of the Insect world to put into every pouch of VESPA you are probably thinking, ‘Yeah, this has to be a gimmick, right?’Well check out this tribute from […]

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