In today’s OFM Podcast Dr. Linda Frazier joins Peter Defty in a conversation on the intricacies of women's health and their long term ramifications. 

While retired from a full time practice as a Pediatrician, Dr. Frazier continues to provide pediatric care for those who need it most, working a few days a month in the Sacramento Juvenile Detention Center and volunteering as a Pediatrician on mission trips to Central and South America. 

As importantly Dr. Frazier has the perspective of both an athlete and health professional who has been through the journey of health and performance long before arriving at OFM. As someone who ‘gets it’ as well as understands the ramifications of the conventional approaches to diet, nutrition, and exercise, especially when it comes to female health and performance. 

Dr. Frazier openly talks about her years following the conventional ‘healthy’ dietary advice of a high carbohydrate diet and how doing so resulted in being diagnosed with Celiac in 2005. The turning point was reading the Primal Blueprint which led Dr. Linda in the right direction eventually leading to Peter, VESPA and OFM. Within a few short years Linda has achieved a lifetime Personal Best time in the marathon at the age of 64 and completing an IronMan Triathlon at the age of 65.

The conversation is filled with great information and real world scenarios and solutions to help the listener fully understand the implications and impacts the modern world has on female health. Below are some of the points covered..

Metabolic Health and Women’s Health:

  • The impact of diet on fertility, pregnancy, and young women's health.

  • Hyperinsulinemia as a fertility killer and its link to PCOS.

  • The importance of a metabolic reset for overall health improvement.

Challenges in Modern Women’s Health:

  • Observations of poor dietary habits in young mothers and their children.

  • The epidemic of type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance.

  • The role of the Standard American Diet in deteriorating women's health.

The Role of Stress and Social Media:

  • Impact of constant cortisol spikes due to social media on young girls.

  • Addressing the mental and physical health challenges arising from modern lifestyle stressors.

Women’s Gestational Health:

  • Importance of metabolic health before and during pregnancy.

  • The benefits of a fit and healthy pregnancy for both mother and baby.

  • Risks associated with gestational diabetes and large birth weights.

Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits:

  • Strategies for parents to instill good dietary habits in children.

  • The importance of setting an example and creating a supportive environment for healthy eating.

  • Personal anecdotes and success stories from coaching and family experiences.


This podcast makes clear the importance of metabolic health for women at all stages of life, from adolescence to pregnancy and beyond. Her insights and experiences provide valuable guidance for improving health outcomes for women, their families and their athletic performance.. Tune in to learn more about optimizing your health and setting a positive example for future generations, just like Dr. LInda Frazier. 

If you are looking for guidance our Team can provide you with the same tools and expertise we provided Dr. Frazier

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