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[Article] The Surprising Truth About Sugar and Athletic Performance

The Surprising Truth About Sugar and Athletic Performance

Fueling and nutrition are crucial elements of an athlete’s training, competition and recovery..And while the traditional sports nutrition advice emphasizes the importance of carbohydrates for energy what they don’t tell you is all those carbs boil down to sugar (glucose). . . a LOT of sugar. Try 150 pounds of sugar in the 6 months […]

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Mastering Your Blood Sugar Control For Optimal Health

In today’s podcast snippet, James Hughes talks about his erratic blood sugars and how they impacted both his health and performance and how he stabilized his blood sugar through optimizing his fat metabolism. You can hear the full podcast here.Here are some of the points discussed:Blood Sugar Stability: James highlights the importance of stable blood […]

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Article - Carb Wars - Redefining Carbohydrate Fueling

Carb Wars – Redefining Carbohydrate Fueling

In this presentation we delve deep into the debate between the high carbohydrate performance group and the Keto/Low carb group, aiming to find a balance between performance and health without entirely ditching carbs.Points coveredThe Sugar Conundrum: To illustrate the problem in a visually impactful way, we purchased 150 pounds of sugar. This is the equivalent […]

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[Article] Rethinking Nutrition: Reduce Carbs To Improve Performance

Rethinking Nutrition: Reduce Carbs To Improve Performance

In this podcast clip with elite ultrarunner, Bree Lambert Sanders, we discuss the effectiveness of Vespa with other products like gels and energy bars. Key points discussed are:The Important Role of Vespa: Vespa is not a replacement for all external energy  but acts as a metabolic catalyst to tap into your limitless onboard energy stored […]

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Blog - Is Glucose Monitoring Really The Key To Your Health?

Is Glucose Monitoring Really The Key To Your Health?

Diabetes and obesity are at epidemic levels. There is no shortage of talk about blood sugar, glucose and the need to regulate them.  Society has finally started to recognize too much sugar and too many carbs are not a good thing. In fact, it is now recognized that our high glucose diets are responsible for […]

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How Strategic Carbs Optimize Fat Metabolism

In the previous post, (How & Why OFM Actually Enhances Carbohydrate Metabolism), I dove into why optimizing fat metabolism enhances carbohydrate utilization, but guess what! It goes the other way too! Carbs & sugars, used strategically, can actually improve your fat metabolism. Used chronically, however, in the way the conventional sports nutrition world recommends carbs, has […]

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How & Why OFM Actually Enhances Carbohydrate Metabolism

Recently there has been a lot of online media coming from the conventional sports nutrition experts in defense of carbs, including a LOT of carbs. . . And guess what! I don’t have a problem with carbs and if you’re fat adapted, you shouldn’t either!The key is to maintain and grow your carb tolerance so […]

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Removing the Stress out of Carb Counting | Fat Adaptation

In today’s video I’m going to talk about how to count carbs without going crazy.  OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) makes carb counting sustainable and doable for you. With the strictness of the Keto diet, counting every gram of carbohydrate creates stress which is actually counter-productive to what you want to achieve.   So how do we make […]

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