How Murder Hornets can save you from bonking

In spite of the hyper focus on COVID-19 the ‘Murder Hornets’ have made the headlines on all the major news outlets like the NY Times and ABC News and are trending on social media. The stories extoll their power and lethal nature. They can kill a human, hunt rodents and insects many times their size as well as take out a hive of honey bees in a matter of hours. This is the Apex Predator of the insect world. 

Known for its strength and viciousness this wasp is unrivaled in stamina and endurance, flying 50-70 kilometers, hunting, killing and processing prey then flying back to the colony with a food ball weighing up to a third of its body weight. It does this everyday as an adult.  How does this happen? . . . . FAT! Look at the image below….this hornet has a large abdomen stored with fat. 

To access its fat stores to yield its incredible performance and stamina this wasp feeds the food ball to the larvae in exchange for a peptide containing liquid secreted by the larvae in a symbiotic relationship called Trophallaxis. This peptide is literally ‘Nature’s Catalyst’ for performance level fat metabolism. 

So how do I happen to know about this?

If you haven’t already made the connection these wasps, Vespa mandarinia, are the source of the wasp extract peptide found in every pouch of Vespa. Because, on a cellular level, animal cells are remarkably similar across species, published studies out of Japan and unpublished data here in the US has demonstrated Vespa’s efficacy as a natural catalyst to tap into YOUR limitless energy stores, fat, for endurance, focus and overall performance.

What’s more, by tapping into that sustainable energy source you are meant to use for aerobic exercise you dramatically reduce the dependence on glucose, glycogen and carbs making you bonk-proof. This results in:

  1. Sustainable performance across the spectrum in stamina , strength, focus, coordination

  2. Less GI issues because you don’t need a ton of external fuel 

  3. A recovery you have to experience to believe because you have prevented the damage due to the oxidative stress and lactate load of burning a lot of glucose.

The beauty of evolution is its perfection. Each species ‘fits’ into its unique niche to complete the cycle of life and the Asian Giant Wasp is no exception. Its not a ‘murder’. It’s a badass at the top of the food chain. 

Likewise, each individual has a unique genetic code to unlock to become the best version of themself. So, if you want to perfect your physiology to get stronger, fitter, faster and avoid bonking, puking and being destroyed with soreness after, you can now tap into a natural catalyst, VESPA, which uses the peptide from and used by one of Nature’s Apex Predators to become that better version of you. . . .Fat really is YOUR fuel!

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