I’d like to share some actionable thoughts in today’s vlog as we restrictions get lifted and life starts to move back toward normal. All of the previous recommendations I’ve made in previous blogs remain valid and relevant as you move forward. I’ve posted the links below.

First and foremost, the best strategy OVERALL is the one you are most comfortable with! The physiological impacts of chronic stress are as big a factor as dietary choice, right now potentially greater. Get in a comfortable space mentally as you venture out. This means moving past a state of fear. As I said at the end of my last vlog, use your ability to think and reason to tackle that ‘Last mile’ of the internet autobahn and make the strategies work for you. Take full responsibilities for the choices you make rather than second guess yourself. Taking responsibility is empowering and this will spill into all aspects of your life. 

Second, make sure to take the time to go see an ‘at risk’ loved one before integrating back into normalcy. I’m speaking of someone within driving distance that is. Let them know you will have a gap in seeing them as you integrate and risk higher exposure potential but will stay in touch via calls and video visits.

Third, optimize your Vitamin D status. This has been an OFM constant but it is especially germane to COVID-19. My observation is that anything under 50 ng/dl of 25, Hydroxy Vitamin D is deficient for an athlete and I like to see fat adapted athletes hover between 70 & 90 ng/dl. The correlation between COVID-19 disease severity and Vitamin D severity is pretty tight...now I know fully well that ‘correlation is NOT causation’, however, do you want to wait for randomized controlled trials specific to COVID-19 or even SARS viruses to get published?. ..  I didn’t think so….If you are not already proactively doing something to maintain a healthy Vitamin D status you are probably sub-optimal. All this being said, Vitamin D optimization is not as straightforward as simply taking more Vitamin D supplements. That is another topic for a vlog. In the meantime contact us if you have any questions for individualized guidance.

Fourth, where you live and work play a huge role in the strategies you develop. Living and working in a place like New York City will demand almost 180 degree difference from someone living in West Texas.

Fifth, Who you live with also plays a role. How are those you live with in terms of their health and immune system response. Who and how do they interact with others outside the home? Think about this, communicate with those who you reside with and work out strategies everyone is comfortable and safe with. Same with those you work closely with.

Sixth, “To wear a mask or not wear a mask….that is the question.” 

  1. First and foremost, your psychological and emotional comfort zone should be a prime determinant. Avoid stress but do consider whether a need to wear a mask, wash, wipe and sanitize at all costs is part of a pattern of OCD behavior and seek help. 

  2. Second, are you in dense crowded situations where it is impossible to avoid close contact with others like riding a subway or walking on a crowded sidewalk or flying on a packed plane? If so, a mask is a great idea right now. 

  3. Third, Do you have symptoms of a bug of any kind? Because COVID-19 presents with a multitude of potential symptoms it’s probably a good idea to wear a mask to prevent transmission if you have to go out or are around others….staying home without a mask on is a much better option. 

  4. Fourth, do you work or know you will be around with people/patients who have COVID-19 or are suspected of having a bug?  If so, it’s probably a good idea, especially if inside and close quarters where social distancing is not an option..

  5. Fifth, if you are outside exercising feel free to ditch the mask. The reality is in an open air environment it is virtually impossible to transmit the virus unless somebody coughs directly on you. While it is possible theoretically the reality is nil.This has been confirmed by people who specialize, know and understand the realities of infectious disease transmission mechanisms. Ironically, getting outside, ditching the mask and  focusing on improving your aerobic capacity is probably one of the best preventative measures you can take against COVID-19.

  6. Sixth, Public venues where social distancing is available and practiced. The reality at this point is viral contact via surfaces and the air are extremely low. You have a much greater chance of getting into a car accident than exposure to COVID-19 but if YOUR personal reality is the virus persists in the environment then by all means use a mask. 

Seventh, if you do contract COVID-19 whether you are symptomatic or not, take the recommended precautions, stay hydrated and self-isolate. Take extra precautions if someone you live with is at risk. You may or may not transmit the virus to those close to you so they need to be aware and assume they have it. 

Finally, it comes down to freedom… freedom from disease is tied to personal freedom….both are ultimately YOUR responsibility. More so, because of the resources available on the Internet autobahn nobody is better suited than you. 

Start by considering Fat Adaptation if you have not done so already. If you are already doing some form of fat adaptation like Keto, Paleo, CKD etc. consider OFM. We pioneered fat adapted performance in the new millenia and continue to innovate. In either case getting and reading the ‘Beyond Keto’ ebook is a great start to learn what fat adapted health and performance look like. 

Part of being responsible is knowing when you need help and reaching out to ask for it. Let us know when you are ready. 






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