Diabetes and obesity are at epidemic levels. There is no shortage of talk about blood sugar, glucose and the need to regulate them.  Society has finally started to recognize too much sugar and too many carbs are not a good thing. In fact, it is now recognized that our high glucose diets are responsible for many chronic diseases.

Is Glucose Killing Us Slowly?

But how do you, the individual, know where to start if you want to prevent diabetes and stay healthy? 

Until the recent development of a real time continuous glucose monitor or CGM like the FreeStyle Libre or Dexcom G5 CGM the only way a person could monitor their blood sugar was by pricking their finger for a drop of blood.   So, unless you were a Type l diabetic, there was no life or death urgency to continuously prick yourself. 

The easy availability of real time CGM’s have changed all that. Once again, our addiction to technology as our savior has heightened our awareness of this issue...not a bad thing...however, there is a downside. With that new shiny gadget and app we also get that dopamine hit and blood sugar spike from cortisol we have been cultivated to seek.  

Beware of the trending fads…

So, blood sugar / glucose regulation is now a ‘thing’ and “trending” on social media and with no shortage of information and influencers to keep that dopamine hit flowing. There is a Glucose Revolution book and even a Glucose Goddess . It seems everyone is chasing their blood sugar, now that the technology has made it simple and painless however, there is a real biological problem here, because blood sugar is so sensitive and difficult to control.  This is why the conventional treatment of diabetes has failed to cure this largely preventable disease. 

A simple scientific fact to illustrate just how sensitive your blood sugar is this: Normal fasting blood sugar ranges between 70-100 mg/dl.

When you do the math this literally amounts ONE TEASPOON of SUGAR (as glucose) in the 5 liters (50 dl) of blood circulating in the average Human! . . . yes, that is a single teaspoon in roughly one and a third gallons of blood ( 1 teaspoon of sugar = 4 grams/4000 mg / 50 dl = 80 mg/dl).

Fasting Blood Sugar Levels

How can you really expect to control blood sugar, when your healthy fasting blood sugar is one teaspoon, when so many commonly consumed foods can literally flood your bloodstream with teaspoons of sugar? . . . . think about that. 

You don’t need to monitor Glucose, just get back to biology

Yet here we are. Technology, social media and online marketing have us hyper-focused on the hypersensitive metrics of blood sugar, when there is an alternative and much better way . . . the one evolution based our metabolism on….Fat Metabolism.  

Biologically speaking, humans are meant to burn fat as our aerobic energy source while relegating glucose as our “fight or flight” energy. By focusing on optimizing the primary metabolic pathways evolution meant for us to use, you become what I term as “Blood Sugar Stable”, thus eliminating the constant need to monitor glucose levels and glucose intake so you have the metabolic freedom YOU deserve! 

So when you learn to burn fat as your primary energy source (Optimized Fat Metabolism), you will see the following benefits:

  • More stable energy
  • Slowing of the aging process
  • Reversal of chronic conditions
  • The metabolic capacity to tolerate carbs & sugars 

Burning Fat as a Type 1 Diabetic

Our Research and Development Athlete Josef Heusserer, is a perfect example of how an active health conscious individual was completely taken by surprise with a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis in 2014.  See how optimizing his fat metabolism has essentially put his diabetes into remission and has literally supercharged his health and performance.  See the video above for Josef's Story.

Whether you are an athlete or not - we can help you

For the past 22 years we have pioneered fat adaptation for performance, however, this has equally important implications for long term health and aging. My epiphany came back in 2008 when working with athletes who had bonking issues, GI distress and prolonged recoveries…they were literally destroying themselves at the cellular level using the conventional high carbohydrate diet and fueling recommended for athletes.

What worked for me was no longer an N=1 but one of my three constants to attain higher health and peak performance. Within a year Jon Olsen eliminated his GI issues and was winning races and setting course records and five years later would go on to become the 24 Hour Ultramarathon World Champion and then be the first American to run a 100 miles in under 12 hours.

John Olsen - Fat Adapted Athlete - Vespa

We take what we learn at this outer envelope of Human Performance and bring it back to you to provide real world, science based strategies so you can reach your potential for higher health and peak performance.  By optimizing fat metabolism, our athletes enjoy peak metabolic health at any age, while winning at the highest levels of real world competition or setting records at the extreme edges of ultra-endurance even at the age of 50

If you are not an athlete, optimizing your fat metabolism will bring you untold benefits to your health, vitality and even allow you to splurge on that occasional piece of Almond Cake!

If you are really serious about reaching your health and performance potential, it doesn’t matter where you are on your journey, our team has not only pioneered fat adapted health and performance, but we continue to innovate by developing real world sustainable strategies and products.  These are yielding winning results that can be used by anyone to reach their potential.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation to see how you can transform your health and performance through optimizing your fat metabolism.

Josef Huesserer - Fat Adapted Athlete using Vespa
Jeff Browning setting FKT at the Grand Canyon
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Get Your Metabolic Health Back To It's Natural State

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  • Perform Better
  • Reverse Chronic Conditions
  • Reach Peak Health 
  • Reach Your Natural Weight