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Article - Carb Wars - Redefining Carbohydrate Fueling

Carb Wars – Redefining Carbohydrate Fueling

In this presentation we delve deep into the debate between the high carbohydrate performance group and the Keto/Low carb group, aiming to find a balance between performance and health without entirely ditching carbs.Points coveredThe Sugar Conundrum: To illustrate the problem in a visually impactful way, we purchased 150 pounds of sugar. This is the equivalent […]

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Article - The Secret Behind Longevity For Endurance Athletes

The Secret Behind Longevity For Endurance Athletes

In an insightful podcast clip, Peter Defty and Bree Lambert discuss both the competitive, health and longevity advantages of Vespa and the Optimized Fat Metabolism (OFM) protocols. This has had a significant impact on athletes like Lambert, Jeff Browning, and many other endurance athletes, who previous to Vespa and OFM, had the all-to-common challenges of […]

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Untangling these 4 Endurance Fueling ‘Insights’

In late November 2022, Outside online published this article, “4 Surprising New Insights on Fueling for Endurance Sports” as part of Alex Hutchinson’s Sweat Science Column. I wanted to do a review of this article, because it’s important that you are fully informed. MisquotationBecause I’ve gone down the rabbit holes of fat adaptation and, thus, have […]

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How to Supplement Your Sports Nutrition the OFM way

One way we make OFM “A Program for the Rest of Us” is through our sports nutrition and supplement philosophy.  Supplementation is not a replacement for your diet but it is used to bring Nutritional Balance to it.  Currently there is a LOT of talk about ‘Nutrient Density’ and this is important as is ‘Nutrient […]

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Beware of Cookie Cutter Sport Nutrition

One thing I have seen time and time aging from my 20 years of fat adaptation is that YOU are an individual with specific needs, especially in relation to your sports nutrition. That means that you can’t get the most out of a “cookie cutter” programme. Sure it will work but don’t you want the […]

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The Holy Grail of Health and Performance – 3 Key Principles

Immediately after bonking at my first marathon back in 2000 my fat adaptation journey started with a simple question…”What were the evolutionary pressures which shaped us as humans?” ‘Primitive’ Man, did not have a bowl of oatmeal, then grab a couple of gels before he went hunting. His and his tribe’s lives depended upon mental and […]

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