In this long format podcast episode with Jeff Browning, we'll explore how Jeff stumbled upon this game-changing approach, the trials and triumphs of his journey, and how OFM can not only enhance athletic performance but also impact our overall health and wellbeing. His experiences prior to adopting OFM are typical.

Jeff, also known as "Bronco Billy," is not just an ultra-endurance athlete; he's a early adopter of the OFM protocol, which has transformed the way athletes fuel their bodies and minds for extreme endurance events. From considering quitting competitive ultrarunning due to energy swings and GI issues, to, upon making the change, winning races and continuing to run and win/podium at the elite level a decade later including premiere races like the Hardrock 100 and the Western States 100 even as Jeff enters into his fifties.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jeff’s Journey from traditional high carb (60-75 gels in a 100 Miler) to OFM
  • Jeff's Training and Upcoming Races - Jeff talks about his current training regime in Flagstaff, preparation for the Cocadona 250, and a winter 100-miler.
  • Reflections on Moab 240 and Hydration Strategies - A discussion about Jeff's experience in the Moab 240, the importance of hydration, and how he's fine-tuned his approach over the years.
  • Sodium Intake and Its Impact on Performance - Jeff & Peter’s insights on sodium concentration levels and its vital role in endurance events.
  • The Impact of OFM on Jeff's Career and Health - Jeff discusses how adopting OFM revolutionized his approach to nutrition and training, leading to improved performance and health.
  • Recovery - Jeff expounds on the game-changing recovery benefits of OFM (including VESPA) and how OFM has enhanced his ability to bounce back quickly from races. This is corroborated by the experiences of athletes both Jeff and Peter work with due to the fundamental shift to fat as fuel.
  • Longevity: How Jeff’s longevity in sport and life has been transformed by OFM
  • Ketones, Glucose & Beta-Oxidation: Throughout the podcast Jeff & Peter discuss the relevance of the various metabolic pathways and their significance and relevance to performance and health.
  • The Future of OFM and Endurance Sports - A look at how OFM can shape the future of endurance sports and metabolic health.
  • Jeff's Personal Experience with OFM - Personal anecdotes and stories from Jeff on how OFM has been a game-changer in his life and career.

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