Tim McConnell, a 65-year-old Vespa user, shares his inspiring journey to better health and fitness in a recent podcast interview. Here are the key highlights of this clip:

  • Background: Once weighing 329 pounds with escalating health issues, was advised by his doctor to try cycling.

  • Initial Struggles: He began riding a bike in May 2020, starting with short distances and experiencing significant challenges. His weight loss stalled.

  • Dietary Changes: Tim turned to a Keto diet in January of the following year. This got his weight loss moving again but he still had a long way to go toward his goal weight. 

  • Stuck in Keto: As Tim expanded his training the limitations of the Keto Diet became evident. He had limited ability to push his rides and when finished was famished and exhausted. Tim knew there had to be a better way so he started researching on the web. 

  • Discovering VESPA & OFM: In his online research Tim came across VESPA. This led him to the VESPA/OFM YouTube Channel where Tim consumed all of the content and, from the videos, pieced together the various aspects of OFM including the use of ‘Strategic Carbs’ and, bit by bit, his rides improved but something was still missing because even though he could go long on keto he felt drained and famished after.

  • Experiencing Vespa: The final piece of Tim’s puzzle was VESPA, a product designed to naturally enhance energy and metabolism. Tim purchased a 4 pouch sampler pack, and, on his first ride using VESPA, he noticed the stable natural energy levels, the ability to push uphill climbs and perform activities like cutting grass after long rides without excessive fatigue nor was he famished. 

  • Understanding OFM: Through the OFM videos, other support resources, VESPA and OFM supplementation, Tim ascended to what we call “Higher Health & Peak Performance”. 

  • Impressive Mileage: This allows him to ride between 1200 & 1500 miles each month.Since May 2020 to the date of recording this video, Tim has covered over 37,500 miles, commonly riding his normal route of 127 miles starting his rides in a fasted state using Vespa then riding the first 60 or so miles without anything other than a VESPA!

  • Strategic Nutrition: He now strategically adds carbs during long rides, utilizing items like olives, cheese, fruit, and maybe a gel on a longer harder ride. 

  • The VALUE of OFM & VESPA: Tim is on a limited income. What he has found is the actual out of pocket cost is not nearly what people think and the health and performance benefits he enjoys being fit and 185 pounds (Tim is 6’2” tall) at 65 instead of where he started his health journey four years ago at 329 pounds are priceless. He is no longer on prescription medications nor other medical costs associated with being overweight and metabolically deranged, eats a LOT less, enjoys whole foods, which are most often much less costly than processed foods. 

  • Living: Tim is living his best life and by building his Metabolic Capacity through OFM Tim even gets to enjoy having cake and ice cream with his granddaughter on those special occasions without repercussions! 

Tim credits Vespa and OFM for enabling him to achieve a level of health and performance he previously thought impossible, what we call “Higher health & Peak Performance”.  But we give Tim the credit. He looked for and found us. He invested the time to consume the free content then, bit by bit, construct an OFM program individualized for him finally capping it off by including VESPA. His story highlights the benefits of combining the OFM protocols  with products like Vespa to tap into our limitless potential to enhance natural energy and build Metabolic Capacity so each of us can achieve the robust health and performance we have locked inside.

Finally, Tim’s next big goal is to help spread the word and help others on their journey to “higher Health & Peak performance”. 

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