Carb Wars – Redefining Carbohydrate Fueling

In this presentation we delve deep into the debate between the high carbohydrate performance group and the Keto/Low carb group, aiming to find a balance between performance and health without entirely ditching carbs.

Points covered

  • The Sugar Conundrum: To illustrate the problem in a visually impactful way, we purchased 150 pounds of sugar. This is the equivalent to the amount of sugar (as glucose) an athlete following the conventional high carbohydrate diet and fueling consumes in the 6 months leading up to an Ironman or a 100-mile Ultra. This is because, metabolically, our bodies ‘see’ concentrated & refined carbohydrates as sugar in the form of glucose. 

  • Impacts of High Sugar: Excessive sugar intake in the moment has an ergogenic performance benefit, however, over time chronic sugar intake develops into energy swings, bonking, gastrointestinal issues, and slower recovery. But that is the “Tip of the Iceberg” because, long-term, excessive sugar consumption drives cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, systemic inflammation, immune issues, and dementia.

  • Reducing Sugar: The idea is that we can significantly cut down sugar, potentially by two-thirds, and still have enough carbs (sugar) to strategically fuel our performance. At OFM / Vespa we have pioneered this concept of "strategic carbs" successfully.

  • Harnessing Fat for Energy: By focusing on fat metabolism and building metabolic capacity, athletes can improve their performance and health. Tapping into the body's fat reserves for energy provides more consistent energy, less cellular damage and faster recovery.

  • VESPA and OFM: VESPA is a metabolic catalyst made from a naturally occurring peptide derived from the Asian giant hornet. This product enhances fat burning, allowing you to be more efficient in energy utilization, thus reaching peak metabolic health and performance.

  • Real-world Results: Through OFM and VESPA, many athletes, across a range of sports, have achieved remarkable feats. Examples include Jeff Browning, who turned his ultra-running career around in his forties after adopting this approach. Then there are  Diane Cridennda and James Hughes both septuagenarian triathletes competing for the Podium in their Age Group!.

  • Natural Science of VESPA: The discovery of VESPA's active ingredient, the wasp extract peptide,  is fascinating. Originating from the Asian giant wasp, this natural peptide helps the wasp utilize fat as its energy source. Our 23+years of real world results using Vespa shows you, too, can benefit from this peptide, to aid in the efficient burning of fat so you can cut back on the sugar.

  • Getting Started: If you are interested in trying this approach, VESPA offers an accessible entry point without drastic changes to diet or training. Over time, users can adjust their carbohydrate intake to find their optimal balance.

In essence, this episode of "Carb Wars" challenges the conventional wisdom surrounding carbohydrate fueling in athletes without going keto or Low Carb. By harnessing the power of fat metabolism we can rethink rethink our approach to using carbs in a way that makes it possible to achieve both optimal performance and robust health which is what we call “Higher Health & Peak Performance”