In an insightful podcast clip, Peter Defty and Bree Lambert discuss both the competitive, health and longevity advantages of Vespa and the Optimized Fat Metabolism (OFM) protocols. This has had a significant impact on athletes like Lambert, Jeff Browning, and many other endurance athletes, who previous to Vespa and OFM, had the all-to-common challenges of Bonking, GI issues and poor recovery. 

Then there is the Longevity advantage.  Bree, at the age of 55, is still racing competitively after 17 years in the sport and has no plans to stop. . . just like Jeff Browningand so many others!  

Bree recounts her experience with Vespa beginning with her first hearing about Vespa from her friend and Vespa/OFM early adopter Rob Evans back in 2009 when the concept literally ran counter to all her professional training as a performance nutritionist at San Jose State and UC Berkeley. She even reflects upon that period by stating; “It was science ahead of science” 

After years of witnessing and competing against athletes who were using Vespa and OFM she took the plunge and has never looked back.  Bree discusses how she was able to complete a 100 Mile race without feeling sore the next day. These same results were echoed by Jeff Browning, who experienced significantly reduced swelling and faster recovery after using Vespa and following the OFM protocol in his first Vespa powered race.

But the real key to the success of Vespa and OFM lies in the prevention of cellular damage during races. Athletes who follow this protocol prevent the damage to their mitochondria and lactate load, resulting in faster recovery and a higher level of adaptation.  This is the reason why Vesa/OFM athletes continue to perform at high levels for many years instead of a few seasons.

The success stories of our Vespa Heroes are living, breathing examples of the effectiveness of Vespa and OFM. Consistent performance, improved health and longevity.

While this approach defies the traditional approach to nutrition and training in endurance sports (and even defies the ‘keto’ approach because we do harness Carbs!)  our Vespa/OFM athletes demonstrate time and time again what we call “Higher Health & Peak Performance” whether it is for your next competition or that ultra-endurance event we are all entered in called Life! . . . 

We have revolutionized the way athletes eat, fuel, hydrate, train and compete. This provides a Blueprint for YOUR success in the demanding world of endurance sports and Life! To paraphrase Bree; “It’s science ahead of science”

If you want more information on how OFM and Vespa can help try the following PDF's downloads:

Guide to eliminating bonking, gi distress and long recovery
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