I’ve been on this kick of Metabolic Empowerment for some time now, because your foundation for higher health and peak performance begins with a solid metabolic foundation. And with all the information and influencers out there, it is a bit of a challenge to navigate what is right for you. The problem is not a lack of good information, actually, it is too much high quality information which is often contradictory. 

The Importance Of Context

What is usually missing in the message are context and variables, those proverbial “50 shades of grey” that muddy up a simple message.  When an authority cites “The science” in a publication that simple definitive message like, carbs drive insulin which drives carbs or elevated LDL cholesterol, is a marker for heart disease etc. are within the context of the experimental design of the study while controlling as many other variables as possible. What does this say about the context within your life along with the myriad of variables associated with daily real-world life? 

The Example of Red Meat

Even cross sectional epidemiological studies like those that correlate red meat consumption to higher rates of heart disease and cancer fail to consider the context and do not control or compensate for other variables which probably influence the findings. Variables like smoking, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle and other dietary choices. No, the simple take home message is “Red meat is associated with higher rates of heart disease and/or cancer” . . . and while correlation does not infer causation guess what “sticks” in the mind of the content/media consumer?

This is the sleight of hand, ok, sleight of mind trick used to build followings and influence the behavior of people. Well meaning Experts, Authorities and Influencers get hooked on the drug of fame and followers while the content consumer gets drunk on the opium of a convenient simple message. 

Why “The Science” Does Not Fit You

This is the science that has brought us the state of healthcare we have today. 

Context matters. Variables matter. They matter to you, the individual if you are seeking more than commoditized one-size-fits-all health information rather than the health Nature has bestowed upon us. . . 

Because, when you take into account the majority of ‘science’ is based upon studies done on the general population which, if you look at it from an evolutionary perspective, is not all that healthy. . . . Modern Diet? Negative. Physical activity levels? Nope. Exposure to sunlight and fresh air? Hardly. BMI? Plus sizes & comfort fit please. . . what this means is that scientific determinants about health are based upon flawed assumptions of what real health is. 

How Do You Navigate This?

This is why it is absolutely incumbent upon yourself to take control to go that “Last Mile” in your individual journey to higher health and peak performance. While this may seem daunting, it really isn’t when you have the right information, guidance and examples of what being metabolically healthy really is. 

And this is where we can help by being your Guides rather than a Guru in your metabolic health journey.  A Guide that empowers you with knowledge, tools and proven pathways to get both your physiology and lifestyle in alignment with the evolutionary pressures which shaped us into the robust person you are unencumbered by stress of counting calories or calculating macros. 

How do we do this? Through working with athletes in sports which explore the very boundaries of Human Performance we’ve developed the groundbreaking science and data to support the real-world solutions we’ve developed. This starts by building your metabolic capacity so you have the metabolic freedom to enjoy life to the fullest!

We’ve guided hundreds to take control of their health no matter what their age, ability or pursuits in life. People just like you . . . sure, they may seem ‘Super Human’ but that is the point. They are no different than you. We all have this ‘Super Human’ capacity to unlock and I can assure you that the latest ‘science’ ‘technology’ or ‘hack’ trending on Social Media or being discussed ad nauseum by some Health Guru is not the answer . . . YOU are! 

You see, your mind and body have everything locked inside. So, with the right guidance, support and tools like diet, supplementation, physical activity, stress management and, yes, Vespa, you can unlock your potential by optimizing your fat metabolism to reach ‘Higher Health & Peak Performance’.

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