Understanding the difference between Keto and Optimal Fat Metabolism

In this podcast discussion with Peter Defty and Tony Konvalin, Tony and Peter talk about their experiences of carbohydrate restriction, higher but not high fat dietary macros, strategic use of carbs and how all this translates to becoming optimally metabolically efficient/flexible by becoming a higher level fat burner. This conversation goes ‘Beyond Keto’.

OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) encapsulates longevity and performance.  Part of the conversation discusses how OFM differs from the Keto diet including  shared insights on how the body responds to different types of food and exercise. 

Here are some of the points discussed:

  • The place for Ketosis, but the importance of balancing carb and fat intake for higher performance.
  • How OFM helps with getting back to a natural, intuitive way of eating and trusting the body's signals
  • How Metabolic Health is crucial for avoiding the reliance on medication and medical systems in the same way it cuts the reliance on external carbohydrates for energy
  • That Fat is critical for your cellular health and your mitochondria
  • How exercise, sunlight exposure, strategic carbohydrates and stress management are crucial in achieving optimal health
  • Not becoming carb-phobic and how reaching your natural physiology requires an individualized approach to fat adaptation.

If you want to understand how optimizing Metabolic Health can help you reverse chronic disease, improve longevity, or help you attain higher health and peak performance as an athlete or active individual, feel free to contact us here