“I have my goal race on a certain date. Is there enough time to get fat adapted?”

This is a topic that comes up all the time and I actually have a short answer for it . . . the best time to do a Metabolic Reset is when YOU are ready; ready to commit to yourself  and surrender to the process. It is that simple. Because, without that ‘Ahh, hah’ moment to change, you simply won’t make the commitment to the long term change needed to become a metabolically better version of yourself and reach your potential. 

The actual time frame can be as little as 4 weeks for a metabolically fit athlete, to 4 months for an individual who is carbohydrate dependent and starting their training. Our Metabolic Reset and Adaptation programs guide you in a comprehensive way to success and sustainability. 

That being said, bear in mind fundamental change really is challenging. I am not going to sugar coat it (pun intended).  Yet it doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as we make it either. I often wonder if we sometimes make things harder than we need to because we simply resist change. Even in my own journey I look back at how I struggled with certain changes when it really was not nearly as tough as I made it out to be. 

So, one of the first things to ask yourself is what, really, is holding you back? 

A little introspection is always a good thing, especially in today’s world where very little introspection goes on. Once you’ve crossed that hurdle we can discuss timing which is the easy part . . .  If you are considering making that paradigm shift to fat as fuel the windows of opportunity are: 

  1. One, during the off season. This not only means your off season if you are an athlete, but a time of year when your overall pace in Life is less.
  1. New Year.  I struggle with this one because this doesn’t have a factual basis in science but is a cultural & behavioral fact embedded into our collective psyche. The New Year is always a good time.
  2. If you are an athlete, after your goal event when you will be in recovery mode for a couple of weeks. Not only do you have the time but your physiology is primed to make the switch from the adaptive stress of your competition.

4. Finally, if you are like most of us, including myself, there never is a ‘perfect’ time so the best time is to get started NOW!

Start Here

Our OFM Metabolic Reset was developed to guide you through your Metabolic Health Journey precisely so you can:

  • Get started and make those important preparatory “Baby Steps” before your body takes the plunge into disciplined carbohydrate restriction. 
  • Make the transition as quickly as possible by mitigating the factors that cause people to fail
  • Support you with the products (Vespa & OFM Supplements), information and strategies we have developed which have a proven track record for attenuating hunger and craving during the transition.
  • Begin the process of building your Metabolic Capacity for dietary latitude and long term sustainability.

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Get Your Metabolic Health Back To It's Natural State

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