In this podcast clip, Peter Defty speaks with Andrea Moore about her transformative journey to Optimized Fat Metabolism (OFM) for running ultras. When it became time to step beyond the 100 mile distance Andrea knew she had to look outside her current paradigm and made the switch from being a lifelong vegetarian to incorporating meat into her diet which dramatically improved her performance and recovery.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Andrea’s Shift from Vegetarianism: How a conversation with ultra coach, Michael McKnight,  led Andrea to try meat after years of vegetarianism. She immediately saw the clear benefits of her enhanced nutrition

  • Introduction to OFM: The impact of the OFM approach on how timed carbohydrate restriction increased her endurance and  dramatically improved her recovery.

  • “Strategic’ Carbs: Insights into how strategic carbohydrate intake and keto misconceptions play into OFM.

  • Real-life Applications of OFM: Andrea discusses back-to-back ultramarathon achievements and how OFM supported her endurance.

  • Vespa: Andrea discusses how Vespa has been a game changer in taking her performance and recovery to the next level.

  • Misconceptions Around Diet: The importance of understanding what our bodies need versus popular diet trends.

  • Personal Growth and Health: Andrea reflects on overcoming family health issues and empowering herself through education and better lifestyle choices.

  • Endurance Philosophy: Motivational thoughts on pushing through challenges during ultra races and life, emphasizing resilience and optimism.

Key Moments:

  • Andrea's anecdote about buying and trying her first steak.

  • Discussion on the practical use of carbs in an OFM diet.

  • The supportive role of the community in navigating nutritional shifts.

The Takeaway:

Andrea and Peter delve into how changing one’s metabolism and physiology using the tools of diet, movement, supplements and community fundamentally alters one's athletic performance, general well-being and outlook on Life for the better..

Enjoy this deep dive into health, endurance, and personal transformation with Andrea Moore and make sure to subscribe for more insightful episodes on optimizing your lifestyle and athletic performance.

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