This enlightening podcast discussion with Jesse yields some key insights into performance level fat adaptation; stable energy, seamlessly fasting between meals and the ability to perform at a high level in every aspect of Life on a daily basis. 

The Highs and Lows of Sugar

Most everyone is familiar with  the sugar-rush carbs and sugar provide. You also know there is a subsequent crash dictating another ‘hit’ of sugar in an ever downward spiral into what I call “The Blood Sugar Rollercoaster”. Sure, consuming something sugary can feel great and give you a boost, but, if you are carbohydrate dependent,  that burst is quickly followed by a drop in energy, leaving you feeling drained. As this conversation makes clear, if you are OFM fat adapted you don’t abandon carbs but harness them effectively and sustainably.

Intermittent Fasting: A Tool, Not a Rule

When one is fat-adapted following the protocols of OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism), Intermittent Fasting becomes natural and fully integrated into your Lifestyle  The stress of tracking feeding and fasting set upon specific metrics are eliminated and replaced with an intuitive sense of when to feed and fast: You eat when you feel hungry rather than starving and obsessed with food and feel so good in a fasted state your primal hardwiring to eat is attenuated so you focus on other activities. 

Hydration and The Role of Sodium

Staying hydrated plays a pivotal role. Because Sodium/salt intake has been wrongfully implicated as the culprit for high blood pressure, thus, most people are cautious about ingesting a lot of salt, this crucial factor to successful fat adaptation is overlooked. Adequate Sodium intake plays a pivotal role in hydration and, in many cases, people are shocked at just how much Sodium is necessary!. Jesse recounts his personal experience and emphasizes the drastic improvement he felt once he started increasing his salt and water intake.

Long-Distance Running and The Power of Adaptation

One of the most captivating moments was hearing Jesse talk about running The Big Foot 200, a 200+ mile ultramarathon.At these distances the races present unique challenges, particularly with regards to sleep deprivation.At this point the body is pushed way beyond its limits, yet, when properly adapted these events highlight the sheer power of adaptation and the body's incredible capacity to endure and thrive when properly fat adapted. As Jesse recounts, even after almost three days of running, the body can perform at its peak. This resilience is not merely physical; it's equally mental.

VESPA: A natural catalyst for tapping into the limitless power of YOU!

Another highlight Jesse mentions is VESPA, a product that's been game-changing for thousands of athletes. Containing just 19 calories, VESPA is not an energy source per se but a metabolic catalyst which works with your body’s native physiology and limitless energy stores of fat to provide a sustainable and even energy surge. Jesse even jokes that whether the effect is a placebo or not VESPA works for him, illustrating the importance of finding what works for you. Yet deep into a 200 Mile ultra, when the body has gone way past its limits, it's difficult to dismiss  VESPA as only providing a “Placebo Effect”. So, if you struggle with GI Issues and Bonking, VESPA is a much have in your fueling strategy - to learn  more click this link (link to Vespa)

In the End, It's About Enjoying Life

Whether you're an elite athlete, Age-Grouper or someone simply wanting to get metabolically fit, the ultimate goal is to enjoy life. It's not about racing or stacking firewood or raking leaves – it’s about feeling good while doing it. … it's about the journey.  This conversation served as a reminder that a healthy lifestyle and being metabolically fit aids not just in performance but in the simple, everyday joys of life. Eat right, listen to your body, learn, adapt, and above all, enjoy life.

In conclusion, stable energy, stamina, and a zest for life come from a combination of understanding and listening to our bodies, practicing healthy habits, and continually adapting. Whether it's the food we consume or the mental practices we adopt, the key is to keep moving, stay hydrated, and embrace the art of adaptation. And of course, enjoy every moment.

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