In this podcast snippet Dr. Diane Cridennda and I shed light on the less-discussed consequences of diets that are high in concentrated carbohydrates. You can view the full podcast here.  As public health battles with rising rates of obesity, diabetes, and a slew of metabolic disorders, we delve into the science behind carbs and their inflammatory nature when over-consumed to reveal the systemic effects on our bodies. 

From the controversial naming of Alzheimer's as "Type Three Diabetes" to the intricacies of insulin resistance and its far-reaching implications. This article distills their conversation into essential insights of vital importance to you in terms of the unintended consequences people have grown to see as ‘normal’ when, in fact, they are anything but normal and how chronic carbohydrate consumption affects both health and performance over time. 

While the conversation confronts the conventional dietary wisdom for Sport, it dissects the hormonal havoc wreaked by excessive carb intake, and underscores the urgency for a dietary paradigm shift that could redefine our approach to health and nutrition. With the current push in sports nutrition to ever higher amounts of carbohydrate ingestion, this conversation confronts, head on, the realities the ‘experts’ are loathe to talk about. 

Here are the talking points:

Inflammation and Carbohydrates:

  • Concentrated forms of carbohydrates are identified as highly inflammatory, which is a main driver of  health issues including being linked to Alzheimer's, which is now being called "Type Three Diabetes."

Effects of Carbs on Health:

  • Overconsumption leads to negative effects such asenergy swings,  puffiness, water retention, and brain fog.

  • Strategic carbohydrate consumption is necessary for high-intensity activities, but general overconsumption is discouraged.

Education on Carbohydrate Impact:

  • There is a need for better education regarding the effects of carbs.
  • Historical diets are compared with current ones, noting the absence of obesity in older photographs and films, suggesting a change in dietary habits and lifestyle over time.

Childhood Obesity and Estrogen:

  • Rising obesity rates in children are discussed.
  • Fat cells are said to retain estrogen, leading to excess estrogen and related health problems.

Insulin Resistance and Dietary Sugar:

  • The speakers describe how high sugar intake leads to insulin resistance, preventing energy from reaching cells and leading to complications like ulcers in diabetic patients.

Insulin's Role:

  • Insulin is mistakenly used to combat high blood sugar due to excessive carb intake.
  • Insulin sensitivity is crucial, and low-carb diets can increase this sensitivity, making insulin a beneficial anabolic hormone when managed correctly.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS):

  • PCOS is highlighted as a manifestation of insulin resistance.
  • Reducing carbs to manage PCOS is suggested, contrasting with common medical treatments like Metformin.

Cholesterol, Gallbladder Issues, and High Carb Diets:

  • The link between high carb diets and gallbladder issues is examined.
  • The process of excess energy conversion to cholesterol and its impact on the gallbladder is explained.

Epigenetic Effects of Diets:

  • The speakers discuss the potential for a mother's high sugar intake to affect her child in utero through epigenetics.
  • Concerns over rising genital abnormalities in newborn boys and the decrease in men's testosterone levels over the past 50 years are mentioned.

Cultural and Medical Implications:

  • The normalization of conditions like gallbladder removal is questioned.
  • The speakers lament the prevalence of sugary snacks in children's sports, seeing it as a problematic trend.

The podcast concludes with a critique of the medical industry's approach to managing the consequences of high carbohydrate intake and the call for a paradigm shift in dietary recommendations.

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