Unpacking Protein’s Role in Your Digestion and Fat Metabolism

When it comes to optimizing your fat metabolism, the focus often shifts between carbs and fats, while the influence of protein can be overlooked.   

The Importance of Protein

In the OFM protocol, whole food sources of protein are the primary nutritional focus. Foods like whole eggs, fresh cuts of meat, and seafood are recommended for their superior nutritional value compared to processed protein sources, such as whey protein shakes or commercial meal replacements. By favoring these natural protein sources, the OFM protocol reaffirms the concept that nature offers all the nutrition we need.

The "Sugar Fast" or Metabolic Reset

A crucial aspect of the OFM diet is the "sugar fast," or what we call the Metabolic Reset. This is a stage of the protocol that eliminates concentrated sources of carbohydrates - foods high in starch or sugars, like fruits, tubers, and grains.  This enables the body to reset back to its native physiology of burning fat for fuel.. However, the OFM diet allows the consumption of non-starchy vegetables ad libitum, as their carbohydrates are largely locked in a fiber-water-mineral matrix and hence, don't impact blood sugar levels.

Adapting to the OFM Protocol

While individual experiences may vary based on body types, most find the transition to OFM manageable. Ectomorph individuals, characterized by their lean and lengthy physiques, generally thrive on a protein-rich diet.

During the Metabolic Reset, initial withdrawal symptoms are common, similar to any addiction withdrawal, but they give way to feelings of vitality and energy after the initial phase.  Once reset, most report a diminished desire for sugary, carbohydrate-dense foods post-transition, suggesting that protein-rich whole foods are more satiating and fulfilling for the body.

The Take on Supplements

The philosophy of "food as medicine" extends to the topic of supplements. Instead of relying on protein powders or branch chain amino acids, the protocol suggests meeting protein needs through whole foods like steak, eggs, and a few liver capsules.

The same holds for supplements. We use supplements to ‘supplement’ the diet. A great example is creatine. Creatine occurs naturally in whole foods like meat and eggs in amounts sufficient for our needs thus eliminating the necessity for supplementation. This principle stems from the belief that nature, through millions of years of evolution, has perfectly balanced our dietary needs.

Finding Your Balance

In this world of “one size fits all”, we believe you need to find the right balance of elements for your metabolic health.  Jesse is a great example of someone who is doing just that, finding the balance, and winning in Life as a result.   That’s where we can help.

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