Want to avoid bonking and GI issues and perform at your best now and for the long haul? This video is a must watch which reveals basic Truths to unlocking your inner potential. These Truths have been used by our Athletes to WIN and PR in sport and Life!

No doubt you have probably been seeing the latest recommendations for fueling are through the roof. In just the past decade, carbohydrate fueling has soared from 60 grams per hour to 90, 120 and even 140 grams per hour for elite athletes.  This had the the implication that if this is what the Pros do, then you should do it too. On the low end, this is a third more, and on the high end it is over double what the same experts were recommending not long ago. 

This is wrong on so many levels and today, you’ll learn the Truths on why it is so wrong for YOU. 

Too Much Sugar Is Not Good

Whether you are ascribing to a high carb sports performance diet, plant based, carnivore, keto or whatever else kind of dietary and sports nutrition slash fueling strategies are out there, ONE thing we can all universally agree upon is  - too much sugar is not a good idea for either your health or performance.

So make this universal Truth your touchstone, because once you realize these hidden Truths about sugar, you’ll have a more complete and comprehensive understanding of how to approach and achieve your health and performance potential. 

There are several hidden Truths which most people do not know about or, if they do, have not considered the ramifications of their impact. 

Hidden Truth #1:  All Carbs Are Sugar

All concentrated forms of carbohydrates are essentially sugar as far as your body is concerned. Concentrated carbs are seen by the body as blood sugar or glucose. It is that simple. Now, to be sure, the various forms will determine how quickly it enters the bloodstream and impacts your blood sugar, like a can of coke or banana are going to have a much quicker acute response than say potato salad. This is because potato is a form of resistant starch with mayo to blunt the glycemic load, but at the end of the day it is all sugar. 

Hidden Truth #2:  Vegetables Are Not Carbs

Non-starchy vegetables do not count as carbs as far as your blood sugar is concerned. They have no impact, and thus can be consumed ad libitum because what little carbs are locked in the water and fiber matrix are transmitted to the colon and are converted to short chain fats by the biome. Another little Truth most people are not aware of as they obsessively count their carbs. 

Hidden Truth #3:  Protein Gets Converted To Sugar

A significant amount of excess and/or unassimilated protein and especially amino acids gets converted to sugar. And while protein is essential and the physically active require plenty of it, excess or unassimilated protein and/or amino acids will be converted to glucose or fat, while the amine group goes to your kidneys for excretion creating an unnecessary metabolic load. This is what makes protein assimilation rates so important which is driven through optimizing fat metabolism. 

That whey protein/branched chain amino acid shake you take before or after your hard training? Some of it will go to muscle protein synthesis but a lot will go to making glucose to either fuel your workout or replenish your glycogen. 

Hidden Truth #4:  Sugar And Physiological Addiction

Over time too much sugar in the diet and fueling leads to a physiological addiction. This is hormonally driven and, yes, insulin is a heavy hitter, but this is a complex interplay of other hormones like leptin, ghrelin, your thyroid hormones and sex hormones all trying to compensate for the excess glucose flooding your bloodstream on a chronic basis. 

That need to eat every two to three hours, or having to fuel to avoid bonking are both signs of physiological addiction plain and simple. It is not under-fueling, nor is it ‘your brain needs glucose’. You become an addict plain and simple when too much sugar is involved, because the hormonal shift takes us away from our native physiology, the one that burns fat. 

Hidden Truth #5:  Sugar And Your Metabolic Capacity

Too much sugar erodes your Metabolic Capacity. The impacts of too much sugar in the diet and fueling do untold cellular damage over time, due to the oxidative stress and lactate load or metabolizing too much sugar. This is now well documented in the primary literature as a primary driver of the ‘Big Three’ of chronic diseases; Cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.  However, it also affects athletes over time with the primary signs being the energy swings and bonking, GI issues, inflammation and injury. 

Hidden Truth #6:  How Much Sugar Do You Consume?

And here is the kicker which applies to most of you. Most physically active individuals have no real idea of just how much sugar they are consuming, if they are following the standard science backed dietary and fueling guidelines. Try 155 pounds in the 6 months leading up to training for an IronMan or 100+ mile ultra. And it’s not much better for a marathon or half IronMan; a 135 pounds! Yep, essentially most people’s body weight in sugar consumed in 6 months!

So, now that you know these 6 “Truths” it is obvious that the current craze to push more calories is literally a ‘dead’ end . . . no pun intended because this is no joke.

After more than 20 years of coaching performance fat adaptation, the kind that wins races and sets records, I’ll be the first person to say you actually do need carbs, to not only perform to your potential but to reach your health potential, you just do not need these insane amounts we are seeing today.

Can I Cut Back My Carbs and Still Perform?

So, what if you could cut back on a third, half or two thirds of the overall sugar load? That would still leave you with plenty of sugar and carbs to enjoy and harness for performance, without the eventual physiological addiction and mitochondrial damage the overconsumption of carbohydrates and sugars eventually yields. You can even use your favorite nutrition or fueling products, you’ll just need less. 

What if I told you that there is a completely natural and stimulant free product which allows you to get started without a radical change to your diet or fueling? You see, Nature created us to harness our onboard energy stores using fat as your primary aerobic energy source. VESPA is a metabolic catalyst which restores and enhances your native physiology to performance levels. 

VESPA’s key ingredient, the wasp extract peptide, is based upon an accidental discovery of the science of Nature that make the “Murder Hornets”, the Asian Giant Wasp, the apex predator of the insect world. This naturally occurring peptide supports performance level fat metabolism, including the synthesis of ketones and glucose from fat to meet the metabolic need of performance level sports. 

If you are new to VESPA below and get started today.

Once you’ve experienced the steady and natural energy flow, an absence of GI issues and faster recovery you have to experience to believe, you’ll want to know more about VESPA, and the VESPA developed OFM program so you can leverage the benefits ‘strategically’ using carbohydrates and sugars for your performance boost.

We are so sure that VESPA will transform your fueling from one based upon external dependence to tapping into your natural potential we have a FREE ‘Beat the Bonk’ offer. You pay the shipping & handling costs and we will send you 4 pouches of VESPA with an instructional card. Follow the directions and we are confident most of you will benefit from using VESPA. We make it that simple. 

Recognizing these hidden truths add up to a lot more sugar than you imagined takes us back to what we all agree upon and you know; Too much sugar is not good for your performance or health and there is no other option but to take action now. We can provide the guidance and support which is based upon our pioneering work and real world results with hundreds of athletes we’ve helped over the past 23 years.

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