In this podcast clip with elite ultrarunner, Bree Lambert Sanders, we discuss the effectiveness of Vespa with other products like gels and energy bars. Key points discussed are:

  • The Important Role of Vespa: Vespa is not a replacement for all external energy  but acts as a metabolic catalyst to tap into your limitless onboard energy stored as fat, so you need less external calories which reduces the risk of bonking and GI issues 

  • Personal Preferences: The importance of finding what personally works for each individual on race day is highlighted. You have to find what works for you.

  • Natural Energy Reserves: The human body has a large reservoir of calories. Pareto's Law (80-20 rule) is referenced to suggest that 80% of the required energy should come from the body's reserves, while the rest can be supplemented.

  • Simplicity and Digestion: There's an emphasis on the comfort of not having to digest hundreds of calories per hour while exercising, with Vespa, electrolytes, and water being sufficient for training.This is a key reason why Vespa users do not suffer from bonking or GI issues.

  • Modern Conventional Wisdom vs. Natural Approaches: Conventional sports nutrition wisdom emphasizes a high carbohydrate diet and carbohydrate supplementation during prolonged exercise while trying different approaches, like Vespa, often conflicts from the norm.However, the fact remains that Humans are designed to burn fat as their aerobic energy source. Even The Paleo Diet, which originally stipulated the need for fruit as an external glucose source, is critiqued for not understanding that the liver can produce glucose from fat. 

  • Gels & Other Supplemental Calories have a place: What is clear is there is a balance and for performance level training and competition gels, waffles, shot blocks and other forms of supplemental calories have an important and vital role. That balance lies in using them for the performance when it counts but keeping the levels in check to prevent the development of energy swings and GI issues.

The overarching message is the need for an individualized approach to nutrition to not only tap into your body’s unlimited stores but get the most out of those supplemental calories when it counts in competition. Understanding your body literally has thousands of onboard calories you can unlock through using Vespa, a natural metabolic catalyst, that will unlock your performance just like it has for Bree.  

If you want a more tailored approach to your sports nutrition and fueling book a call with one of our consultants.

For more information on how our athletes use Vespa click here.  

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