Metabolic Freedom Begins on a Cellular Level

The goal of today’s vlog is to help you make that mental connection on how YOUR health and performance begin at the cellular level. Without making this fundamental realization, you won’t have the motivation and incentive to make change happen. This is crucial to understanding how optimizing fat metabolism works to achieve optimal metabolic fitness […]

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A New Chronic Disease: Sedentarianism

Sedentarianism is a term I concocted for a person following a sedentary lifestyle. Now I don’t have to convince you that a sedentary lifestyle is not particularly healthy but, because it is so pervasive in developed countries, there is an acceptance of being sedentary as ‘normal’ and people can be healthy simply through ‘Diet’ and […]

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Finding Your Nutritional Balance – the OFM Way

The very first thing to know is this: Supplements are not meant to replace food. Meal replacements and shakes are not meant to replace food. The dietary goal of OFM is to get as much of your nutrition as possible from the meals you consume.Since most of you watching this are probably eating a whole […]

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Institutionalized Disease and Your Metabolic Health

This latest concept of ‘Institutionalized Disease’ that I want to share with you was brought to the fore by COVID, however this concept is much larger than COVID, and it is VERY important we start to think beyond the institutional thinking we have come to accept as ‘normal’ .   What we view as normal […]

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Myth Busting Superfoods – finding the balance

One of the Health and Nutrition Myths I’d like to bust is what I call the ‘Health Halo’ around Superfoods. . . I have to admit this is a pet peeve of mine because everytime I hear about a new superfood, miracle supplement, some new technology, or a program guaranteed to get results my radar […]

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Busting the Myths to Health and Performance

In an effort to bring you solid content you can sustainably apply to YOUR life and sport, I will sprinkle our weekly content with various myths about diet, nutrition, training, physiology and metabolism. It is hard to change a belief systemTo be able to make that paradigm shift in thinking you have to be willing to […]

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OFM=Metabolic Freedom

Today I want to introduce the concept of ‘Metabolic Freedom’ . . . You hear a lot these days about ‘Metabolic Flexibility’.  It is that next level or step in the journey of Optimizing Fat Metabolism.  What is Metabolic Freedom?This is where not only can your body have the metabolic flexibility to harness carbs, fats […]

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What’s YOUR Metabolic Age?

This article and video is about my observations of how optimizing fat metabolism is essential for anti-aging, and how athletes who are focusing on optimizing their fat metabolism actually feel they have reversed their age by decades.What inspired me to record this vlog and get YOU thinking about how you want to move through life, […]

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The Catalyst for Optimal Health & Performance

So what is this?A catalytic converter. The reason I am starting out with this is to help YOU wrap your head around how Vespa is a natural catalyst to drive performance level fat metabolism.What is a Catalytic ConverterAlmost every gasoline powered car built since 1977 comes with a catalytic converter, so, unless you own an Electric […]

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