What’s YOUR Metabolic Health Test Score?

Since the start of our current health crisis, I have said this is a “wakeup call to higher health,” but during a conversation with my friend and OFM Coach, Mike McKovich, it dawned on me what this really is: A Metabolic Health Test. 

That’s right... a genuine, real-world pop quiz of your metabolic health status where not everyone is going to get a gold star for being vaccinated, nor are they going to get free krispy kremes for a year...cash...free lottery tickets...free concert tickets...

This is Real

This is a test with real life and death consequences, because failing this test means literal death. I’m being serious here, serious as a heart attack (or at least myocarditis) because in spite of the vaccinations, we are seeing a rise in vaccinated hospitalizations, adverse events, breakout infections, mutagenic pressure and even death among the vaccinated.  

My best guess is that this season's version of the “Winter Kill” is going to see half or more of the hospitalizations being vaccinated individuals. 

Why the current solution is not working

I know you're thinking, “But the vaccines were supposed to prevent this!” People were vaccinated under the impression it would keep them out of the hospital. As we are witnessing with the adverse events, or passing of fully vaccinated, high profile people who have access to the “best” healthcare available, the policy is not working out as advertised. 

The mass vaccination policy we were led to believe was going to solve the panic-demic, “flatten the curve” and “achieve Herd Immunity” has not worked out as we were led to believe, making the situation complicated. Even Bill Gates has publicly said as much. 

Why has the situation gotten so complicated? Because the policy fails to address the root cause: Metabolic Health and Fitness.

On a societal level, if we continue to be in denial of addressing our Metabolic Health Crisis, we are setting ourselves up for an epic fail. The data from this “Pop Quiz Pandemic” is crystal clear on who is passing and who is failing. It is people who are metabolically compromised. Vaccinated or not, it is the obese, diabetic, hypertensive, hyperinsulinemic or immuno-compromised who are failing this Metabolic Test.

What you can do to “Pass the Test”

While policy, power and politics move toward yet another historical repeat of health policy failure, YOU on an individual level can set yourself up to pass with flying colors! As the data on asymptomatic cases and acquired immunity suggests, getting metabolically fit is the absolute best way to prepare yourself for this viral Metabolic Test whether you are vaccinated or not.  

What’s more, metabolic fitness prepares you for every aspect of life. 

This is about your personal empowerment BUT, hand in hand, your personal responsibility to get as metabolically fit as possible. This benefits you on an individual level, and in doing so, positively impacts society. 

Instead of a “Top Down” approach to policy, YOU can play your part in a grassroots, “Bottoms Up” movement to bring about a change in health policy that is long overdue. A policy that places the power and responsibility in the hands of YOU, the individual, instead of the powerful entities which have come to dominate politics and policy. 

Your Next Steps to Metabolic Health

The path forward is clear about getting in front of your health rather than behind it, and there is no better time than now to get started. This is where we can help. We pioneered fat adapted performance and continue to innovate each and every day to develop real world ways for YOU to sustainably reach and maintain higher health and peak performance. 

By focusing on optimizing fat metabolism, essentially getting the body back to the physiology Nature intended us to have, you can achieve the higher health and peak performance you deserve. This will not only prepare you for this current metabolic test but for Life and LIVING! 

Here are some steps for you to take: