“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”  - Arthur Schopenhauer 

This quote is pretty relevant to what we are doing here at VESPA and OFM. The concept of fat as fuel is simple, elegant and aligned with the science of evolutionary biology. It not only made sense to me way back in 2000, when I started on my fat adapted journey but has also worked well for myself and countless others.

However, the concept of Metabolic Health through Fat Adaptation was not accepted at first, and in some circles still not.

Stage 1 - Ridicule

Not exactly.  In alignment with Schopenhauer, it is ridiculed:

Ridiculing our position on too much sugar? Nobody, including YOU,  needs to do a literature review to tell them too much sugar is not a good thing. 

If you do a search using the words “sugar and addiction”, however,  you will only confirm what you already intuitively know to be a fundamental truth. (Not to mention the simple factoid that diabetes is sucking up one out of every four dollars spent in healthcare.) 

Point to note -  we don’t have a problem with sugar and actually look upon them as a “Legal PED”, so those who ridicule don’t actually understand what fat metabolism is really about.

Stage 2 -  Violent Opposition 

Ridicule is convenient, but when that doesn’t work, there is the second phase of Schopenhauer’s journey to truth - Violent Opposition.

This Twitter attack was made in the wake of a vlog outlining ways YOU can get ‘Ahead of the Curve’, a science-based vlog detailing strategies people could take to minimize their risk of a poor outcome, which included citing the literature to date (July 2020). 

Here is what the science says - based upon the simple viral physiology, I discuss in this vlog and the evolving data, it turns out optimizing fat metabolism, including fasting, is one of the best ways within your control to protect yourself from a poor outcome from any viral infection!

And even the most credentialed names in nutrition will be critical, rather than curious, when a concept does not fit their worldview and conformational bias. This is the “Human Condition” in play. Once again, hubris keeps us stuck while humility can move us forward. If such a simple truth like fat metabolism cannot be considered by top scientists in the field of nutrition, what chance does the average consumer have?

Unfortunately, consumers have been “Sold, Told & Controlled” into burning the wrong fuel source, and purchasing external energy instead of tapping into their own unlimited potential, which is low cost/no cost I might add. In adopting this external ‘needs’ mindset, we as a society have forgotten and veered away from the basics. This is why a truth is ridiculed and violently opposed rather than opposed upon its merits. Ridicule and violence are effective tools of charlatans posing as authorities because most people don’t recognize the truth they seek.

Stage 3 - Acceptance

It has been a process for my team and I to bring consumers back to realizing that the energy they seek is just like the truth we all seek, it lies within each of us. 


Let that thought sink in and empower you. 


“Fat is your fuel” has been our consistent message for over 20 years. Our athletes are the living, breathing flesh and blood of that message,  which has given them robust health and winning performance. Now, it is your turn to experience your truth by getting your body back to burning fat as fuel, the way nature intended. 


Exploring Metabolic Health Through Fat Adaptation


There are 2 ways that you can start yourself on the journey of fat adaptation:


1. Grab a 12 pack of VESPA and, without changing anything else, start to experience what fat adaptation is all about.   Find out more here https://vespapower.com


2. If you are curious about exploring how to start your individual journey, book a call with one of our guides to help orient you and get you started. 

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