FAIR WARNING: Today’s vlog is convoluted, BUT stick with me, because this really is about you and your overall well being...

Like you, I cannot escape the daily bombardment of urgent news, messaging, narratives, and advertising, as well as those surreptitious ads that seem to magically invade my computer after I have glanced at a page. 

If we want to exist in today’s connected world, there is no way to get around it, you’d have to live in a bubble, and there is the irony... our connected world actually has become our bubble, and by being so connected, we have become disconnected from biology and essentially ourselves! 

Mission Impossible - can you recognize and change?

Think about this for a moment: It is REALLY easy for us to see what I am talking about in others, especially our children, however, the real challenge is to see just how subtle and insidious this is in ourselves, and once we recognize it, act to change. In this context, recognizing and changing our behaviour is almost “Mission Impossible”. 

To have a chance at accomplishing this mission, we need to add context, because without context, you don’t have a chance of allowing your mind to see and consider an alternative, let alone taking action to execute change.

As we have discussed before, we are both addicted to and suckers for convenience because it's hardwired into our biology. The problem is, we ingenious humans have taken these conveniences brought about from ‘tool-making’, and progressed way past those of chimps and our ancestors. We’ve created an environment far removed from the one nature shaped us for, and in many ways it has become virtual - something exclusive to humans. 

The Effect of Convenience on Humans

Yet, for all our ingenuity, we remain part of a grand biological experiment on planet Earth. As miraculous as technology of all sorts is, we humans and our biology are interdependent upon all life and the natural systems which support life. 

Sadly, by removing the evolutionary pressures of nature and replacing it with modern technologies that we take for granted, we have, as a species, become a lot less robust, so much so that the very natural pressures which are actually there to challenge our adaptive biology in ways and make us stronger, now make us sick and even kill us. 

The convenience of vehicles to move us, fast food, processed food and even organic produce flown into New York in the winter from the Southern Hemisphere have given rise to the ‘unintended consequences’ of their immediate conveniences because most consumers are out of touch with the natural world. 

Now we have ‘devices’ to help us think and entertain, and the result is we don’t think… we react.  The effect of this is really infecting ourselves with the ultimate virus, Stupidity.

The effects of Metabolic Derangement and sickness

So, where am I going with this? 

Like your body’s immune system, our capability for analytical thought can make you immune from fear induced stupidity, herd mentality (not to be confused with Herd Immunity) and, most of all, prevent you from reacting to these external man made forces which seek to influence you, strip you of your individuality and trick you into parting with your money. 

Our brain, when overstimulated, given the wrong inputs and chronically challenged, turns against us. Consider this musing in the context of the last 50 years of health advice and where we are today. We’ve been sliding down a slippery slope for a LONG time now and it’s not working. 

All you have to do is look at the large numbers of people following the conventional health guidance and official treatment protocols. They were sick before this latest health crisis spun out of control. What are we learning from the official conventional treatments for heart disease and diabetes? They do nothing to promote robust health over the long term. And now today’s ‘health crisis du jour’? They all have a common denominator when you look beyond the immediate ‘healthcare clickbait’. Commit this to memory: Long before any disease & diagnosis, is the metabolic derangement. 

Sadly, we abandon our long term lasting health through the messaging of imminent death being constantly drummed into our psyche. This triggers acute fear. You stop thinking, and this allows the messenger to not just influence your actions but to take control of them so you react on the terms and intent of the messenger, rather than of your own thought and volition! In small discrete ways as well as the big obvious ones, this is brought to you daily through the convenience of your device! 

So how do you break away and make a course correction? 

  • It begins with doing the mental push-ups necessary to reclaim your health in every way. Start by stepping back from the fear and mental sloth to analyze the information your brain is receiving... all of it, not simply your news or social media feed, but how you feel when the breeze evaporates the sweat on your skin, how the blood courses through your body during a hard interval session or how the rising sun and fresh air feel on a morning walk. 
  • Consider my 3 Constants as a point of reference:
    • One, you are an Individual
    • Two, you are meant to metabolize fat as your aerobic energy source
    • Three, you are meant to move… a LOT! 
  • Get to Nature. This starts with a more organic you instead of a more connected one, including the metabolism nature bestowed upon you, one programmed to burn fat as the principal energy source. This is YOUR native biology!

Your metabolism is about you; not diet, exercise, lifestyle or an app. These are tools. How you harness these & other tools makes the difference between becoming metabolically free from these tools or enslaved to them, and, yes, this includes your device! You need to harness all the tools properly and in sync with each other. 

Part of this vlog is about your personal empowerment to achieve metabolic and personal freedom. There is no better way to reach your potential, provided you have the right inputs. Best of all, it costs nothing. 

What it DOES require is doing your ‘mental push-ups’ because, as they say in the gym, “Nobody does your pushups for you”. The benefits are priceless, and the more you develop your metabolic health, the more empowered and free you will feel and become.

Metabolic Empowerment is not expensive

Metabolic health is more important than ever, and regaining it, like thinking, costs you little to nothing but has to be initiated and maintained by you. That’s where empowerment comes in, to get you started and on your way.

While it may be daunting to break away from the Herd Mentality of one size fits all science and do those mental pushups to map your individual path to vital and lasting health, it is the ONLY path for YOU!

I realize in the context of today’s world, it’s a Mission Impossible proposition. Will you accept this Mission? 

I hope this message resonates long after you’ve read or watched this instead of blow up and be forgotten 5 seconds later.

If you need guidance, we are here to be your Guides not your Gurus with coaching, content and products to help you reach your metabolic potential. 

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